UniCare Rebrands as Wellpoint

UniCare Rebrands as Wellpoint to Emphasize Whole Health Mission

UniCare, a health benefits administrator serving over 200,000 Massachusetts state and municipal employees, retirees, and their families, is undergoing a rebranding initiative starting today. The company will now be known as Wellpoint, aligning with its commitment to supporting the comprehensive well-being of its members, encompassing physical, mental, emotional, and social health.

This rebranding reflects Wellpoint’s dedication to improving healthcare affordability, especially for individuals on modest or fixed incomes among the state and municipal workforce. While the name is changing, members can rest assured that there will be no alterations to their healthcare benefits or coverage. Wellpoint will continue to provide robust access to primary care providers, specialists, hospitals, and other healthcare facilities.

The business operations of Wellpoint will remain unchanged, ensuring members receive the same exceptional service they have experienced for years. The shift to Wellpoint signifies a broader approach to healthcare, recognizing the various aspects influencing members’ health and forming alliances with local organizations to enhance overall well-being.

David Morales, General Manager of Wellpoint, stated, “Our new name – Wellpoint – makes it clear that our members’ whole health is our whole point.” The focus extends beyond traditional healthcare views, considering the holistic drivers of health and collaborating with local entities to support members throughout their health journeys.

Wellpoint emphasizes its commitment to championing access to affordable healthcare for state and municipal employees and retirees. The company has a track record dating back to 1988, consistently achieving high member satisfaction scores in the mid-90s in annual surveys.

Headquartered in Woburn, Wellpoint’s associates are deeply connected to Massachusetts communities, providing tailored support to public workers and retirees across the state and New England. The company has introduced innovative programs like Ibis Health, a virtual chronic care management initiative, and expanded its behavioral healthcare provider network.

As Wellpoint, the organization aims to empower members to take control of their health, navigate the healthcare system effectively, and support their health journey through all life points. For more information and updates, please visit unicare.wellpoint.com.

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