BGB Group Collaborates with Scrum50 to Provide Impactful, Consumer-Focused Creative Solutions to Healthcare Clients

BGB Group (BGB), a distinguished healthcare commercialization and communications firm headquartered in New York City with additional offices in Washington DC, Boston, and London, has revealed a strategic partnership with Scrum50 (S50). Scrum50, a dynamic and agile-first creative agency located in South Norwalk, CT, is set to join forces with BGB Group in a transformative alliance. This collaboration signifies the next stage of BGB’s commitment to elevating its expertise and staying at the forefront of the significant challenges in the biopharma industry. The combined teams aim to redefine creativity and make a substantial impact in the healthcare sector.

BGB Group (BGB), a renowned healthcare commercialization and communications firm, has officially announced its strategic partnership with Scrum50 (S50), an agile-first creative agency. This collaboration, formalized after a year of joint efforts, signifies a transformative alliance geared towards addressing the diverse creative and engagement needs in the healthcare marketplace.

Greg Passaretti, Founding Partner of BGB Group, expressed excitement about the partnership with S50, emphasizing the potential for achieving more in delivering broader creative and engagement solutions. BGB Group, recognized for its profound clinical expertise, has been actively working to establish meaningful connections with healthcare consumers. Brendon Phalen, Founding Partner of BGB Group, highlighted S50’s strength in breaking down complexities and approaching marketing challenges innovatively.

S50, operating independently across various industry sectors, has a track record of delivering impactful results for both consumer and healthcare organizations. Michael LeBeau, Founder and Managing Partner of S50, highlighted the agency’s proficiency in creating meaningful customer connections on a personal level.

The pharmaceutical industry’s openness to innovative approaches in establishing critical customer connections has been well-received by S50. Chris Parker, Founder and Managing Partner of S50, emphasized the rising trend of non-branded search in healthcare, indicating the need to align customer interests with relevant brand expertise.

Jen Miller, Executive Creative Director, and Managing Partner of S50 noted the outstanding collaboration, leveraging BGB’s scientific content expertise. Teresa Day, President of BGB Group, highlighted that the partnership enhances their ability to apply consumer marketing science to the pharmaceutical space, allowing clients to access expanded marketing expertise.

The strategic partnership between BGB and S50 is poised to bring forth a new era of creativity and impact in healthcare, focusing on delivering innovative solutions that resonate with consumers.

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