Thermo Fisher Unveils CorEvitas Registry for Pustular Psoriasis

Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc., a global leader in scientific solutions, has introduced a new CorEvitas syndicated clinical registry focusing on generalized pustular psoriasis (GPP). The registry, now open for enrollment, fills a crucial gap in real-world evidence (RWE) concerning clinical outcomes and patient experiences in GPP.

This comprehensive registry will gather detailed patient-level data to understand the disease’s natural progression, treatment patterns, and prevalence of comorbidities. It will collect longitudinal outcome measures, including clinician-reported GPP outcomes, lab results, treatment history, and patient-reported symptoms and quality of life. Safety data, including adverse events, will also be recorded.

Dr. Karen Kaucic, President of Patient and Advisory Services at Thermo Fisher Scientific, highlighted the importance of advancing GPP research and treatment: “The CorEvitas GPP registry offers a unique opportunity to prospectively evaluate patients over the long term, shedding light on disease progression, treatment paradigms, and therapy impact on patient outcomes.”

GPP is a rare condition, predominantly affecting women, characterized by sudden rash outbreaks with sterile pustules, often accompanied by severe complications. Thermo Fisher’s acquisition of CorEvitas, renowned for its real-world evidence solutions, aims to enhance research capabilities in autoimmune and inflammatory diseases.

The registry benefits from the expertise of leading GPP clinical experts, Dr. Mark Lebwohl from Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai and Dr. Bruce Strober from Yale University, who provide scientific guidance.

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