Findhelp, Foothold Partner for Medicaid 1115 Waiver Program

“Findhelp, a leading closed-loop referral management software company, is pleased to announce a partnership with Foothold Technology, a top provider of Human Services Electronic Health Record (EHR) and Care Coordination software. This collaboration aims to integrate mental and behavioral health care with social care, enhancing support for whole-person care among providers in New York and beyond.”

This integration aims to streamline care coordination by seamlessly incorporating Findhelp’s robust referral capabilities into Foothold Care Management (FCM), providing a comprehensive solution to manage and coordinate care within a single interface. By reducing administrative burdens and improving care delivery, this collaboration will facilitate quicker adoption and utilization of Findhelp’s resources, ultimately enhancing staff effectiveness in serving their members.

Julia Jones, Vice President of Network Development at Findhelp, expressed enthusiasm about the partnership’s potential to support organizations in New York and beyond in meeting the needs of their communities. The collaboration aims to promote interoperability between the two platforms, facilitating easier addressing of health-related social needs and compliance with New York’s 1115 Medicaid Waiver program.

Through bi-directional integration, this partnership ensures real-time member information and referral data within FCM, supporting a holistic approach to member care and streamlined billing processes across SCNs. This visibility into referrals enables SCNs to demonstrate the impact of their interventions at both individual and aggregate levels.

Foothold brings extensive expertise and commitment to New York’s healthcare ecosystem, making it an ideal partner for this initiative. With a significant presence in New York Health Homes and a monthly member reach of 120,000, Foothold’s FCM platform is well-positioned to support SCN operations and care delivery. The integration with Findhelp’s offerings will facilitate an interoperable approach to addressing the health-related social needs of Medicaid beneficiaries.

According to Alyza Tarmohamed, CEO of Foothold, the collaboration with Findhelp is essential for providing seamless comprehensive care coordination, enabling SCNs to deliver exceptional, whole-person care efficiently. This partnership is tailored to the unique challenges and opportunities of SCNs, ensuring they are equipped with an integrated platform that optimizes their operations.

Findhelp’s track record of success in supporting 1115 Waiver programs across the country, along with its recognition as a leading SDoH network by KLAS, underscores its capability to address social determinants of health effectively. The platform has been instrumental in connecting millions of users with social care services, working closely with various organizations, including health systems, safety net hospitals, and managed care organizations.

Findhelp’s ongoing expansion of partnerships with leading health plans, hospital systems, and government entities demonstrates its commitment to addressing social determinants of health across industries, empowering organizations to bring social care to their patients, members, students, constituents, and communities.

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