Suffolk’s Digital Health Pioneer, Cassius, Delivers Stunning Results

Marking a potential blueprint for the future of the nation’s health and social care, Suffolk County Council’s digital gem, Cassius, celebrates two transformational years. This innovative venture has not only ushered in impressive savings for Suffolk but has also heralded a new era in enhancing residents’ quality of life.

Milestones achieved:

Healthcare Efficiency: Cassius’s tech-driven initiatives have saved 180,000 care hours within a year, with 12,900 hours attributed to the trailblazing ‘Hospital discharge pathways’ pilot.Adoption & Accessibility: Daily, 3,500 individuals harness the power of Cassius Technology. In total, 4,700 individuals have benefited, equipped with over 9,600 state-of-the-art devices.Cost Efficiency: An impressive £12.9m in reduced spending for the Suffolk County Council, bolstered by an additional £430,000 and £1.31m in reduced spending thanks to fewer ambulance interventions and foresighted preventative strategies.

As health and social care services across the country grapple with the best ways to implement digital technology to support social care, Suffolk County Council’s Cassius Digital Care Offer emerges on the national scene as a luminary in digital care transformation. It’s reshaping the health and social care narrative by refining services, elevating patient experiences, and leveraging data for optimal care solutions.

At the epicentre of Cassius’s ethos is data-driven care. In partnership with tech giant Alcove, Cassius is ensuring that Suffolk residents receive tailored care through cutting-edge data analytics.

Reflecting their commitment to constant innovation, Cassius’ tech arsenal has grown from a mere 10 devices to more than 100 in two years. Collaborating with Alcove, the range now provides trailblazing tools such as the Vayyar Radar Sensor, Ring Doorbell, and C-Pen, marking their undying commitment to merging the best in tech with compassionate care.

Their flagship projects, such as the reablement project in Suffolk care homes and tech aids tailored for those with learning disabilities and autism, further position Cassius as a national role model in health care tech initiatives.

Cassius+, a spin-off of the Cassius offer that adds medical monitoring into the mix, signifies Suffolk County Council’s vision of an empowered patient experience. Equipping long-term patients with self-monitoring tools, Cassius+ transforms them from mere recipients to proactive contributors in their health trajectory.

Rebecca Rolfe, a Community Heart Failure Nurse, said: “Empowering patients with real-time, actionable health data not only gives them peace of mind but the assurance to live independently. Having robust tech support is invaluable for many aiming to stay in their homes.”

Councillor Beccy Hopfensperger, cabinet member for adult care at Suffolk County Council, added: “Cassius stands out as a beacon of innovation in social care, and has produced excellent results in keeping individuals independent regardless of their needs. Together, we believe we can redesign services, improve customer experiences, and harness data to optimise care planning and delivery.

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