Sapio Sciences Introduces Lab Informatics Platform with Enhanced Registration Features

Today, Sapio Sciences, a leading provider of the science-aware™ lab informatics platform, unveiled its latest innovation: multimodal registration capabilities. This groundbreaking feature consolidates small-molecule, large-molecule, and multimodal discovery workflows, including entity registration, onto a single platform. With these advanced functionalities, Sapio aims to assist R&D teams in tackling the collaboration and efficiency hurdles commonly encountered during the development of multimodal therapies and products.

New modalities like recombinant proteins, peptides, and engineered antibodies are reshaping the biopharmaceutical industry landscape, driving significant growth. According to BCG, revenues from new-modality products surged by $60 billion in recent years, while revenues from conventional products declined by $10 billion. BCG further predicts that the proportion of new modalities in the five-year forward pipeline between 2019 and 2023 will soar from 41% to 56%, surpassing conventional ones by a wide margin.

Kevin Cramer, president and CEO of Sapio Sciences, commented, “The traditional approach of viewing drug discovery through separate lenses of small molecules and large molecules is outdated. Today, drug discovery in biopharma is increasingly multimodal, necessitating a unified informatics platform that supports small-molecule, large-molecule, and new modality discovery workflows, including registration.”

Currently, companies often rely on separate registration systems for small molecules and large molecules, posing challenges for multimodal discovery. A unified registration system resolves this issue by facilitating seamless collaboration among researchers from different departments, such as chemistry and molecular biology. It enables them to work together effortlessly on new modalities, manage data centrally, ensure regulatory compliance, and access a single source of truth for collaboration.

At the core of the Sapio Platform lies a unified materials management system that treats small-molecule, large-molecule, and multimodal entities equally, capturing their unique characteristics. Sapio’s sample management is seamlessly integrated with registered entities, allowing for comprehensive data visualization and traceability. This integration empowers chemists and biologists to collaborate effectively on a unified drug discovery platform, which combines Sapio LIMS™, Sapio ELN™, and Sapio Jarvis™ to harmonize scientific data across the laboratory informatics enterprise.

New entrants in the biotech sector are encouraged to adopt the Sapio Platform early to capitalize on cutting-edge new modality drug discovery opportunities and gain a competitive edge from the outset. Established biopharma firms, on the other hand, should reevaluate the constraints and risks associated with their existing chemistry- and biology-centric informatics systems. They should consider the benefits of transitioning to a single unified lab informatics platform from Sapio to optimize multimodal drug discovery.

About Sapio Sciences:

Sapio Sciences is dedicated to accelerating discovery and simplifying technology to improve lives. It offers a comprehensive science-aware™ lab informatics platform, including cloud-based LIMS, ELN, and Jarvis data solutions. Serving leading global brands in biopharma, CRO/CDMOs, and clinical diagnostic labs across various domains, Sapio’s platform stands out for its robustness, scalability, and adaptability through no-code configuration.

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