CarelonRx Introduces SpecialtyRx Savings Navigator for Improved Medication Affordability and Management

CarelonRx introduces SpecialtyRx Savings Navigator, offering a holistic solution for specialty medication savings across pharmacy and medical benefits, aiding employers in future planning and supporting employees currently using specialty medications.

CarelonRx’s SpecialtyRx Savings Navigator leverages advanced analytics to pinpoint members at the highest health risk, initiating a comprehensive review of clinical diagnoses, medications, and care options. Proactive pharmacist-led outreach and coordination with the whole health team aim to address barriers to care and optimize member support.

With specialty medication spending projected to reach 43% of global medicine spending by 2027, SpecialtyRx Savings Navigator offers disease-specific forecasts for employers to plan future drug spend, optimize plan design, and reduce costs through medical rebate sharing.

Michele Paige, Vice President of Product and Digital Strategy at CarelonRx, emphasizes the focus on member health and employer peace of mind, with personalized support and budget insights for future specialty spend.

SpecialtyRx Savings Navigator is part of CarelonRx’s commitment to supporting members with complex illnesses, including recent acquisitions and planned expansions of specialty pharmacy services across multiple locations. The product is now available to integrated Administrative Services Only (ASO) clients.

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