S2 Genomics Unveils Innovative Single Cell FFPE Sample Prep Solution

S2 Genomics, a leading innovator in tissue sample preparation systems, has unveiled its latest groundbreaking product, the Singulator™ 200+ System. This state-of-the-art technology represents a significant advancement in automated sample preparation specifically designed for single-cell formalin-fixed, paraffin-embedded (FFPE) tissues. By addressing a critical gap in the market, the Singulator™ 200+ System streamlines and automates the sample preparation process, offering researchers and manufacturers a faster, more precise, and highly efficient solution for their workflow needs.

The recently introduced FFPE sample prep isolation system from S2 Genomics marks a significant breakthrough in the realm of tissue sample preparation. Engineered to isolate nuclei from FFPE tissue slices, this system facilitates single-nucleus RNA sequencing (snRNA-Seq) for FFPE samples. Particularly transformative for cancer-focused researchers, this advancement streamlines and enhances sample preparation, propelling their research and development endeavors forward with newfound precision and reliability.

Jonathan Schimmel, President and CEO of S2 Genomics, voiced his excitement for the innovative product, stating, “The FFPE sample prep isolation system underscores our unwavering dedication to advancing innovation and excellence in single-cell genomics. By automating a previously manual and time-intensive process, we empower researchers to conduct their work with unprecedented effectiveness and efficiency.”

The introduction of the FFPE sample prep isolation product is poised to revolutionize oncology research, where the quality and expediency of sample preparation are paramount for the success of genomic assays.

Earlier this year, S2 Genomics announced a significant milestone with the completion of a $16 million Series A funding round. This funding is earmarked to expedite the commercial adoption of its benchtop Singulator platform, which utilizes single-use cartridges to facilitate reproducible, rapid, and automated tissue dissociations into single-cell or nuclei suspensions.

For further details about the FFPE sample prep isolation system and other cutting-edge products from S2 Genomics, interested parties are encouraged to visit s2genomics.com or engage with the company on LinkedIn or Twitter.

About S2 Genomics: S2 Genomics, Inc. stands at the forefront of tissue sample preparation for single-cell genomics assays. Leveraging its innovative Singulator platform, the company employs single-use cartridges to enable consistent, swift, and automated tissue dissociations into single-cell or nuclei suspensions, driving advancements in neuroscience and oncology research.

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