InfoBionic rebrands to ‘InfoBionic.Ai’, emphasizing AI-driven ECG focus.

Today, InfoBionic.Ai, a digital health firm offering AI-driven diagnostic remote patient monitoring solutions, announced a name change from ‘InfoBionic’ to ‘InfoBionic.Ai.’ This shift underscores the company’s ongoing dedication to harnessing artificial intelligence in virtual cardiac care.

InfoBionic has long been committed to advancing patient care, with AI and machine learning integral to its remote cardiac telemetry offering since its first FDA approval in 2015. Going beyond workflow optimization, InfoBionic’s use of AI delves into clinical analysis, unlocking insights into the heart’s mysteries. Now, the company’s name aligns with its focus and product suite: ‘InfoBionic.Ai’.

Stuart Long, CEO of InfoBionic.Ai, expressed pride in the organization’s evolution: “Our commitment to advancing remote cardiac telemetry through AI-enabled ECG remains steadfast. This transformation reflects our dedication to pioneering solutions that redefine healthcare, empowering providers with actionable insights to enhance patient outcomes.”

InfoBionic.Ai stands out in diagnostic monitoring, utilizing biosensor tech and cloud-based AI analysis for FDA-approved 6-lead arrhythmia detection with a hospital-grade near real-time heart view. Their MoMe® ARC platform pushes boundaries in cardiac monitoring, aiming for personalized and preventative care, exemplified by collaboration with Mayo Clinic.

Long believes the technology’s full potential is yet to unfold: “The MoMe® ARC has shown proactive cardiac care can reach every patient who needs it, with AI pivotal in early detection and treatment of latent cardiac issues. But we’re just scratching the surface. At InfoBionic.Ai, we’ll continue leading the charge.”

About InfoBionic.Ai:

InfoBionic.Ai’s digital tech enhances cardiac remote patient monitoring, envisioning a future where barriers to virtual diagnosis and decision-making are removed. With a team of seasoned entrepreneurs, InfoBionic.Ai brings expertise in remote monitoring and cardiology to redefine patient care.

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