Prevention Efforts Foster Safer Communities

Prevention—activities designed to avoid substance misuse and mitigate its health and social consequences—is crucial for promoting mental health, preventing substance misuse, and supporting recovery efforts. CVS Health® is committed to national prevention initiatives, focusing on medication safety and education to combat prescription medication and illicit substance misuse, positively impacting communities nationwide.

At School In 2020, CVS Health partnered with Discovery Education to launch “Dose of Knowledge” within the Pharmacist Teach program. This no-cost outreach program targets school-aged children in grades K-12, educating them on substance misuse, medication safety, and mental health through interactive resources like videos, lesson plans, and discussion guides. The program empowers educators, pharmacists, parents, and community members to address substance misuse and help children and teens make informed health decisions.

At Home CVS Health promotes strategies to reduce opioid overdoses by offering harm reduction products, including naloxone (NARCAN® Nasal Spray) and at-home fentanyl testing. Naloxone, a life-saving medication that can reverse opioid overdoses, is available over-the-counter at more than 7,500 CVS Pharmacy locations. Fentanyl test strips, available over the counter at CVS stores and online, help prevent drug overdoses by detecting the presence of fentanyl in substances.

In the Community CVS Health supports community safety with resources for safe medication disposal and technology to aid law enforcement. In-store medication disposal kiosks are available at 3,900 locations, accepting prescription and over-the-counter medications. DisposeRx® packets, provided free at select CVS Pharmacy locations, allow safe at-home disposal of medications by suspending them in a biodegradable gel. Additionally, CVS Health installed time delay safes in over 9,000 CVS Pharmacy locations to deter pharmacy robberies and prevent the diversion of controlled substances.

Our Impact

  • Over 2.5 million students and caregivers reached through Pharmacist Teach and Dose of Knowledge programs
  • More than 3,900 CVS Pharmacy stores equipped with medication disposal bins
  • Over 7 million pounds of unwanted medication collected
  • More than 9,000 CVS Pharmacy locations equipped with time delay safes

Our Opioid Response CVS Health addresses prescription opioid abuse by collaborating with community leaders, policymakers, law enforcement, and healthcare professionals to enhance community-based educational programs. The company continues to create safe prescription drug disposal sites, expand access to harm reduction medications, and advocate for effective policies at local and national levels.

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