Preeclampsia Prevention Campaign Empowers Pregnant Women

In observance of Preeclampsia Awareness Month this May, prominent maternal health authorities, survivors of preeclampsia, and industry figures unite under the banner of a fresh initiative titled “Preeclampsia Prevention is Possible.” This campaign aims to amplify awareness about a significant shift in focus toward preventing the disease, advocating for the adoption of evidence-based approaches. Its goal is to empower pregnant individuals and healthcare providers to collaboratively pursue the optimal health outcomes during pregnancy.

“Preeclampsia is often seen as a complication with limited early intervention possibilities,” remarked Eleni Tsigas, CEO of the Preeclampsia Foundation and a survivor of the condition. “Yet, during Preeclampsia Awareness Month and beyond, we’re spreading the message that we’re in an era where prediction, prevention, and management of preeclampsia’s adverse outcomes are within reach. By proactively utilizing tools in the preeclampsia toolbox, providers can collaborate with patients to prevent this serious pregnancy complication and mitigate its lifelong impacts.”

Affecting one in 12 pregnancies, preeclampsia can swiftly turn a seemingly normal pregnancy into a crisis within days or hours. Its repercussions extend beyond the immediate period:

  • Survivors face heightened risks of stroke, kidney, liver, and brain damage.
  • Chronic hypertension, cardiovascular disease, and blood clots become more prevalent.
  • It significantly contributes to preterm birth.
  • Pregnancy complications like preeclampsia are linked to enduring health issues in children, such as obesity, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, or elevated blood sugar.

“We shouldn’t resign ourselves to the notion that we can’t prevent pregnancy complications like preeclampsia,” emphasized Christopher Robinson, MD, MSCR, FACOG, a maternal-fetal medicine specialist at Charleston Maternal Fetal Medicine. “Utilizing these strategies can lead to better outcomes for both mothers and their babies by preventing more cases of preeclampsia.”

“Technological advancements enabling the prediction of preeclampsia months in advance will usher in a shift from reactive to proactive care,” added Maneesh Jain, CEO and co-founder of Mirvie, a company dedicated to developing predictive tools and personalized pregnancy care support. “With personalized, objective data, pregnant patients can assess their risk, devise a plan, and collaborate with their healthcare team to take preventive measures against preeclampsia.”

The educational toolkit at offers pregnant individuals, as well as those planning a pregnancy, a discussion guide for addressing preeclampsia with their care teams. It also highlights evidence-based strategies, including taking baby aspirin, dietary, exercise, and sleep recommendations, and monitoring blood pressure at home.


Mirvie is committed to delivering predictive tools and support for preventive and personalized pregnancy care. With one in five pregnancies affected by complications leading to lifelong health consequences, Mirvie’s proprietary RNA platform utilizes a simple blood test to provide critical insights into a pregnancy’s unique biology and identify complications months in advance. Founded in 2018, Mirvie has raised over $90 million in early-stage financing and is headquartered in South San Francisco, California.

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