Kwello Insights, Fueled by ElsieAI, Wins Stevie® Award

In The 22nd Annual American Business Awards®, Kwello’s ElsieAI received recognition as the recipient of several Bronze Stevie® Awards. These awards were bestowed upon ElsieAI in two distinguished categories: Healthcare Technology Solution and Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning Solution.

The esteemed panel of judges at the American Business Awards remarked, “It’s evident that the platform represents a significant advancement in generative AI for data analysis within the pharmaceutical sector.” They praised ElsieAI, developed as part of Kwello by Acceleration Point, for addressing a crucial need within the Medical Affairs field. By transforming extensive medical insights into actionable strategies for drug development and patient care improvement, ElsieAI stands as a valuable asset in the industry.

The American Business Awards, recognized as the U.S.A.’s premier business awards program, welcome nominations from all organizations operating in the country, regardless of their size or profit status.

ElsieAI harnesses the capabilities of Generative Artificial Intelligence alongside an intuitive interface, enabling Medical Affairs teams to effortlessly extract valuable insights from complex data. Through a chat-like interface, users can engage with their internal insights data using everyday language, thereby uncovering key trends, summaries, and recommended actions. Medically trained, ElsieAI navigates the intricacies of scientific information, providing actionable steps and clear interpretations of complex insights data to Medical Affairs teams.

Expressing delight at the recognition, Catherine Wright, VP of Product at Kwello, remarked, “It’s fantastic to see Kwello Insights, powered by ElsieAI, recognized with a Bronze Stevie® Award.” She highlighted the transformative impact ElsieAI has had on customers’ approaches to Medical Affairs analytics since its launch. She expressed Kwello’s commitment to pushing boundaries further with new features, empowering users to convert complex data into actionable insights, thereby enhancing patient care and advancing scientific endeavors.

About Kwello:

Kwello, a division of Acceleration Point, stands as a prominent provider of insight solutions for Medical Affairs teams. Their mission revolves around facilitating the learning process from top KOLs (Key Opinion Leaders) globally. Kwello is dedicated to revolutionizing the gathering, analysis, and utilization of insights within the pharmaceutical industry, ensuring that every piece of information contributes to the advancement of patient care and organizational success. With a global presence, Kwello has offices in Roanoke, Virginia, and London, United Kingdom.

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