Noom President Artem Petakov Shifts to Head Noom Ventures

Today, Noom, a prominent digital healthcare company dedicated to preventing chronic diseases and promoting healthier lifestyles, announced that Artem Petakov, Co-Founder and President, will transition to a new role as Head of Noom Ventures, effective March 31, 2024. In this capacity, Artem will focus on investing in and collaborating with healthcare startups to develop innovative solutions aligned with Noom’s mission. While assuming his new role, Artem will maintain his position on Noom’s Board of Directors and act as an advisor to the Chief Executive Officer, Geoff Cook.

Artem Petakov, along with Noom Co-Founder and Executive Chairman Saeju Jeong, established Noom in 2008 with a mission to promote healthier lifestyles. Through the integration of behavioral psychology, they developed a holistic health and weight-loss solution offering educational content, online tools, and coaching. Over the years, Noom has evolved into a leading health and wellness platform, aiding millions in weight loss and adopting healthier habits.

As Noom expands its reach, its focus extends to addressing a wider range of metabolic health issues. Its solutions now include the telehealth obesity management platform Noom Med, the employer and payor platform Noom for Work, the Diabetes Prevention Program (DPP), and new offerings like the Noom GLP-1 Companion and Muscle Defense program.

Geoff Cook, CEO of Noom, praised Artem’s dedication to promoting longevity and health throughout his career and expressed anticipation for his continued contributions in leading Noom Ventures and advising the executive team. Artem’s tenure as President has seen him lead every aspect of the company, shaping its identity as a leader in wellness, psychology, and behavior change.

Artem Petakov, now Head of Noom Ventures, expressed enthusiasm for the company’s future and his ongoing collaboration with Geoff, Saeju, and the board in advancing Noom’s mission. Noom, headquartered in New York City, has garnered recognition as one of the best places to work, underscoring its commitment to employee well-being and innovation in digital healthcare.

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