Modern Technologies Help Save the Life of a Sixties Patient with a Rare Cancer at Al-Mouwasat Hospital, Al-Khobar

The medical team at Al-Mouwasat Hospital in Al-Khobar successfully saved the life of a patient suffering from severe abdominal pain and bleeding.

Upon the patient’s arrival, having been transferred from another hospital, the emergency department’s medical team conducted a clinical examination. Dr. Muhammad Al-Zuhri, a gastroenterology consultant, was immediately called in. He examined the patient and performed an intestinal endoscopy, along with several tests, which revealed a rare cancerous tumor in the small intestine. Subsequently, Dr. Sami Al-Asari, a colorectal and obesity surgery consultant, was summoned. He promptly decided to perform surgery to remove the 10 cm tumor located 20 cm from the duodenum at the beginning of the small intestine.

With the aid of a surgical robot, Dr. Sami Al-Asari successfully removed the tumor and reconnected the intestine. The robot minimized bleeding during the operation, enhanced the precision of the intestinal reconnection, and accelerated post-operative recovery. The patient recovered well and was discharged in good health after three days.

The surgical robot, one of the latest global technologies, is utilized for removing tumors from the intestine, colon, and rectum.

This complex and advanced operation required sophisticated technology and highly skilled expertise, reflecting Al-Mouwasat Medical Services Company’s vision of attracting top medical talent and providing the latest medical technologies and equipment.

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