Maddie Davidson Promises Village Residents a Fun-Filled Olympics

Maddie Davidson, the first female trampolinist to represent New Zealand at the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games (held in 2021), recently captivated residents of Kevin Hickman Village with insights into her preparations for the Paris 2024 Olympics. With just six weeks until her departure and two months until her competition in Paris, Maddie shared her commitment to performing at her peak while showcasing her international achievements.

Addressing a full room of residents, Maddie delighted them with photos and videos spanning from her early years at age six to her impressive performance at the Tokyo Olympics. “It’s absolutely my pleasure to be here on a crisp Christchurch morning, especially when I’ve rocked up in my t-shirt,” she quipped.

Maddie conveyed the intensity of trampolining, where routines last just 30 seconds and involve reaching heights of over eight meters while maintaining perfect centering on the mat, crucial for earning points. “In a voluntary routine you can do anything that you like. And these tend to be bigger flips, so you’ll see triple flips and double flips, lots of twists and all those good things that we get to do…”

The 25-year-old athlete, training rigorously for six hours daily, highlighted the physical demands of her sport, noting that each landing on the trampoline can exert forces equivalent to 10-12 times her body weight. Beyond training, ballet classes contribute to her grace and elegance in flight.

Her family’s support, including parents Craig and Gaylene and older brother Lewis, will accompany her to Paris. “I’m really, really pumped to be going to a second Olympic Games with The New Zealand Team,” she expressed.

Residents of Kevin Hickman eagerly await her performance on August 2nd in Paris, where she and fellow Kiwi Dylan Schmidt will compete in individual trampolining events before reuniting outside the Olympic Village. Maddie also disclosed that she and Dylan have been romantically involved, expressing hopes for his success alongside her own aspirations.

Reflecting on her journey into trampolining since 2006, inspired by a family friend, Maddie acknowledged China and Great Britain as her toughest competitors. She emphasized her enjoyment in connecting with audiences of all ages, from primary schools to places like Kevin Hickman Village.

With a supportive family background—her father a footballer and her mother a dancer—Maddie found her niche in trampolining despite initial challenges in sports like netball. Residents of Kevin Hickman, thrilled by Maddie’s visit, eagerly await cheering her on from afar as she aims for Olympic success in Paris, promising to share in the excitement and joy of her journey.

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