Institutions Enroll First Alzheimer’s Patients in CARE PMR Study

Hyperfine, Inc. (Nasdaq: HYPR), known for its groundbreaking health technology, has initiated the CARE PMR observational study, enrolling the first patients. The study aims to evaluate the clinical utility and workflow benefits of its FDA-cleared portable magnetic resonance (MR) brain imaging system, the Swoop® system, in detecting amyloid-related imaging abnormalities (ARIA) in Alzheimer’s patients undergoing amyloid-targeting therapy.

Alzheimer’s disease affects over six million people in the U.S. alone, and amyloid-targeting therapy can help reduce amyloid plaque burden in the brain. However, potential side effects like ARIA necessitate multiple MRI brain scans during treatment, posing logistical challenges.

The CARE PMR study, led by Dr. Tammie Benzinger at Washington School of Medicine, will assess if portable MR brain imaging can identify ARIA-related brain swelling and bleeding, potentially simplifying the patient experience.

Additionally, Mass General Brigham is leveraging the Swoop® system to gather longitudinal data on Alzheimer’s patients and screen for ARIA events.

Maria Sainz, President and CEO of Hyperfine, Inc., believes that the Swoop® system can simplify workflow and enhance care efficiency, potentially serving as a screening tool in Alzheimer’s care.

The Swoop® system is a portable, AI-powered MR brain imaging system designed for timely treatment decisions without the delays and inconvenience of conventional high-field MRI scans.

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About Hyperfine, Inc.: Hyperfine, Inc. (Nasdaq: HYPR) is revolutionizing patient care with its FDA-cleared, portable, ultra-low-field, magnetic resonance brain imaging system, the Swoop® system. Founded by Dr. Jonathan Rothberg, Hyperfine aims to transform diagnostic imaging accessibility and relevance in patient care globally.

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