Cera Expands Advisory Board with New Members

Cera, the acclaimed digital home healthcare provider, has appointed four new members to its Advisory Board: Lord Wood of Anfield, Hilary Evans, Benjamin Wegg-Prosser, and Samantha Jones.

Cera, the esteemed digital home healthcare provider, has augmented its Advisory Board with the appointment of four distinguished members: Lord Wood of Anfield, Hilary Evans, Benjamin Wegg-Prosser, and Samantha Jones.

These additions bring unparalleled expertise in clinical research, social care transformation, policy, and business strategy, enhancing Cera’s leadership in health and social care innovation. The new advisors will play a pivotal role in guiding Cera’s evolution and refinement of services to address the needs of an aging population and alleviate pressure on the NHS.

Cera’s predictive, preventative technology significantly reduces hospitalizations by up to 70%, predicting 83% of health deteriorations and events like falls. The company’s AI-led technology enables carers and nurses to respond to 5,000 high-risk alerts daily, treating common conditions such as UTIs from patients’ homes.

Lord Stewart Wood of Anfield, with two decades of experience in Westminster and Whitehall, will advise Cera on collaborating with government and the NHS to shape a healthcare system for the future.

Hilary Evans, CEO of Alzheimer’s Research UK, brings her expertise to advance care, research, and treatment options for patients with neurodegenerative conditions.

Benjamin Wegg-Prosser, CEO of Global Counsel, will offer insights on policy and partnerships, facilitating innovation and transformation in health and social care.

Samantha Jones, with experience in public and private healthcare sectors, will strengthen Cera’s strategy to enhance social care provision across the UK.

Dr. Ben Maruthappu, Founder & CEO of Cera, expressed gratitude for the new advisors’ support in revolutionizing health and social care through technology and AI.

About Cera: Cera is a digital-first home healthcare company providing high-quality services directly to homes, covering a population of 30 million people in the UK and Germany. With significant growth and industry recognition, Cera is transforming healthcare by harnessing technology and AI to empower patients to live longer, healthier lives at home.

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