Health Catalyst Launches Ignite: A Next-Generation Data and Analytics Ecosystem for Healthcare

Health Catalyst, Inc. (“Health Catalyst,” Nasdaq: HCAT), a leading provider of data and analytics technology and services for healthcare organizations, has launched Health Catalyst Ignite™, a next-generation data and analytics ecosystem. Ignite combines cutting-edge technologies, healthcare-specific data models, self-service tools, and industry expertise into one comprehensive platform.

Healthcare systems today face numerous challenges, including outdated technologies, labor-intensive data processes, inaccessible data, financial pressures, and vast amounts of healthcare data. These dynamic challenges require a dynamic solution. Health Catalyst Ignite is designed to address these issues by integrating top-tier technologies specifically tailored to healthcare needs. It enhances transparency and control over data management, allowing organizations to transition from inefficient, retrospective analysis to predictive insights powered by machine learning and AI.

TJ Elbert, Health Catalyst’s Chief Data Officer and General Manager of the Data Platform Business Unit, commented, “With the launch of Ignite, Health Catalyst aims to transform the end-user experience, reduce costs, and accelerate time-to-value in data management and governance tasks. Today’s healthcare organizations need seamless integration, improved workflows, and more control over their data. I am confident that Ignite’s modern, flexible, cloud-based environment will deliver on this promise.”

Health Catalyst Ignite enables efficient data sharing by utilizing existing data locations, eliminating the need for duplicate copies. It rapidly ingests data, centralizes data governance, democratizes analytics, and significantly reduces storage and management costs while providing extensive access to refined healthcare data. This leads to better decision-making, faster insights, and cost-effective technology solutions for healthcare organizations. Key features of Ignite include:

Built for Simplicity and Utility: Health Catalyst Ignite integrates cross-industry technologies, freeing health systems from rigid data platforms and offering revolutionary flexibility and agility. This results in significant increases in scalability and modularity over previous data platforms.

Flexible Integration: Ignite can integrate with existing systems and tools without requiring a complete rebuild or large budgets. It rapidly integrates clinical, financial, and operational data from various sources, overcoming barriers to accessing purpose-fit data.

Healthcare-Specific Design: Ignite natively integrates clinical, financial, and operational data to support critical healthcare use cases. It offers self-service options with accurate and timely data in user-friendly formats, empowering all team members to contribute to the data strategy without requiring data engineering expertise.

Tailored Use Case Solutions: Ignite provides modern, modular data and analytics tools designed to meet specific healthcare needs, from clinical improvement to revenue and cost management.

Practical and Intelligent AI: Ignite incorporates deep healthcare-specific expertise, acting as a seasoned expert to streamline operations and handle routine tasks, allowing users to focus on patient care. The AI in Ignite is specifically designed for healthcare applications.

Dan Burton, CEO of Health Catalyst, stated, “The launch of Health Catalyst Ignite marks a pivotal moment in our mission to enable massive, measurable healthcare improvement. Ignite empowers healthcare organizations to make informed clinical, operational, and financial decisions based on trustworthy, high-value data. As hospitals and health systems worldwide face budget constraints, unreliable data, and operational inefficiencies, Health Catalyst Ignite provides an enterprise solution to streamline processes, reduce costs, and enhance data accessibility and efficiency.”

Health Catalyst Ignite aims to overcome barriers to data-informed healthcare improvement, delivering the right data to the right decision-makers at the right time to drive significant, measurable improvements.

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