Epredia & NovaScan Plan U.S. Distribution for MarginScan™ Skin Cancer Detection Device

Epredia, a top player in precise cancer diagnostics and a subsidiary of PHC Holdings Corporation (TSE: 6523), has partnered with NovaScan, Inc., a pioneer in cancer detection technology. Together, they’ve penned a letter of intent for an exclusive U.S. distribution deal for MarginScan™. This innovative medical device aids physicians in real-time detection of non-melanoma skin cancer. Epredia has enlisted Avantik, experts in diagnostic lab support, to facilitate getting this cutting-edge tool to Mohs surgeons.

Skin cancer ranks as the most prevalent cancer type worldwide, with an estimated one in five Americans developing it during their lifetime. In the United States alone, non-melanoma skin cancers (NMSC) affect over 3 million people annually, with more than 20 percent projected to develop NMSC before age 70. Traditional surgeries for NMSC often involve removing healthy tissue surrounding the suspected cancer, posing a challenge.

Enter MarginScan™, designed to revolutionize skin cancer treatment by supporting Mohs surgery procedures. Mohs Micrographic Surgery (MMS) involves excising cancer tissue in stages and assessing margins until clean margins are achieved. Unlike traditional methods, MarginScan™ employs electrical assessment to confirm cancer-free margins intraoperatively, potentially enabling faster excisions with minimal healthy tissue removal, leading to enhanced outcomes.

Epredia, the primary distributor of MarginScan™ in the United States, will oversee marketing and commercial activities, collaborating with Avantik to reach Mohs surgeons. This partnership expands Epredia’s comprehensive cancer diagnostics portfolio, complementing their existing range of laboratory solutions. MarginScan™ will be accompanied by consumable products like the MarginScan™ electrode and electrolytic gel, facilitating seamless integration into clinical practice.

Anticipated for a 2025 launch, this distribution agreement builds upon a prior collaboration between NovaScan and PHC Corporation, a subsidiary of PHC Holdings Corporation. Steven Lynum, Epredia’s President, underscores the importance of adapting to evolving customer needs, while NovaScan’s CEO, Craig Davis, expresses excitement about MarginScan™’s integration into Epredia’s product lineup. Mark Zacur, Avantik’s CEO, emphasizes their commitment to sourcing innovative solutions for Mohs clinics.

In summary, this partnership between Epredia, NovaScan, and Avantik heralds a new era in skin cancer detection and treatment, promising improved patient care through cutting-edge technology and collaborative expertise.

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