e4life: Electromagnetic Waves Combat Viruses with Over 90% Success

Amidst projections of the smart home market reaching $345.6 billion by 2032 (Source: IMARC Group), the sector of home healthcare and air purification devices is rapidly growing. Fueled by the COVID-19 pandemic, these products now comprise 11% of the market.

Introducing e4life, an innovative smart device utilizing e4shield technology to deactivate airborne viruses. Unlike traditional options, this patented Italian technology operates without chemical agents or filters, employing electromagnetic waves to render viruses inactive.

Developed during the pandemic, e4shield technology stemmed from research by ELT Group, applying electromagnetic fields to neutralize viruses based on Taiwanese scientists’ findings. CEO Vincenzo Pompa explains that viruses, akin to batteries, possess a positive charge within and a negative charge on the outer shell. e4shield technology subjects viruses to oscillating electromagnetic fields, disrupting their outer shell and rendering them inert.

e4life emerges from a partnership between ELT Group, renowned for electronic defense systems, and Lendlease, specializing in urban regeneration projects.

Backed by efficacy rates exceeding 90%, e4life’s neutralization is swift and safe for human and animal occupants. Endorsed by certifications, including EC and SAR, e4life assures users of its safety and effectiveness.

Scientific validation from institutions like Celio Military Hospital and independent entities like ViroStatics underscores e4life’s reliability. Recent tests at the University of Milan further confirmed its efficacy, with nearly 90% effectiveness against SARS-CoV-2 and H1N1 viruses.

Certified against COVID-19 and seasonal influenza, e4life’s technology evolves to combat a broader range of pathogens through ongoing scientific research.

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