Aktana Launches Next-Gen Omnichannel Tools for Medtech

Aktana, Inc., a pioneer in intelligent customer engagement for the life sciences and medical sector, unveils “Aktana for MedTech,” offering AI-driven tools to enhance representative field execution, account coordination, and medical education programs.

Aktana, Inc., a leader in intelligent customer engagement for the life sciences and medical industry, introduces “Aktana for MedTech,” a comprehensive solution designed to enhance sales and marketing strategies through AI-driven insights and guidance.

Included in this solution is Aktana Copilot Mobile for MedTech, an interactive digital assistant that empowers field sales teams to optimize their execution of sales and marketing strategies via mobile devices, ensuring true omnichannel performance and impact.

John Vitalie, CEO of Aktana, highlights the importance of leveraging multiple digital channels for healthcare providers and emphasizes that less than 20% of medtech companies utilize advanced omnichannel capabilities. Those that do, however, exceed industry average revenue by two times.

“Aktana for MedTech elevates omnichannel capabilities by providing AI-powered insights for planning and managing interactions with healthcare providers, from pre-launch to field meetings and follow-up,” explains Vitalie. “Additionally, Aktana Copilot Mobile for MedTech collects real-time field reaction data, enhancing intelligence for every interaction with healthcare workers.”

Aktana for MedTech consists of Aktana’s renowned open platform, Field Orchestrator, Omnichannel Orchestrator, Analytics Activator, and Copilot Mobile. These tools offer real-time, insights-driven suggestions to simplify call scheduling, personalize activities, and coordinate interactions with healthcare providers effectively.

Specifically, Aktana for MedTech enables:

  • Simplified planning, inventory management, and procurement processes with AI-powered omnichannel orchestration.
  • Prediction of product thresholds through AI-driven identification of critical product volume changes, coupled with actionable suggestions to boost sales and reduce costs.
  • Delivery of more effective medical education content with dynamic, actionable suggestions, ensuring healthcare providers receive optimal information when needed.

Dr. Adil Ajuied, knee surgeon at Guy’s and St Thomas’ NHS Foundation Trust and Fortius Clinic London, underscores the importance of streamlining appointment scheduling, noting that analyzing availability, preferences, and past engagement patterns can optimize meeting times and discussions.

Aktana for MedTech is CRM-neutral, integrating seamlessly with all data sources. The modular toolset can be deployed individually or in conjunction with other Aktana products, offering flexibility to meet diverse needs. Aktana for MedTech is available for use starting today.

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