BioHorizons Expands Tapered Pro Line with New Tapered Pro Conical

BioHorizons today announced the release of Tapered Pro Conical, its inaugural dental implant incorporating a deep conical connection. This new implant underscores BioHorizons’ commitment to developing innovative products that enhance clinical performance and workflow efficiency, aligning with parent company Henry Schein, Inc.’s broader strategy of investing in technological advancements for the benefit of both practices and patients.

The Tapered Pro Conical integrates the successful macro design of the Tapered Pro with the proven and patented CONELOG® connection, offering clinicians a reliable solution for immediate treatment ranging from single tooth to full arch. It is engineered for surgical efficiency, boasting a best-in-class conical connection.

“Supported by over 30 years of research, the unique Laser-Lok microchannels of the Tapered Pro Conical create a connective tissue attachment and preserve crestal bone, providing better control over clinical and esthetic outcomes,” said Steve Boggan, President & CEO of BioHorizons. “We understand the importance of immediate and predictable solutions for implant therapy and are delighted to offer enhanced functionality with this new implant.”

The new implant’s tapered body and aesthetic thread design ensure primary stability, while its self-tapping helical cutting flutes aid in precise implant placement. A new surgical kit, which combines freehand and keyless guided surgical approaches, further enhances surgical efficiency. Clinicians also benefit from restorative efficiency, needing only two prosthetic platforms.

The CONELOG® Implant System, introduced in 2011 by Camlog, expanded its product offerings with conical implant-to-abutment connections. CONELOG implants feature a 7.5-degree self-locking inner taper and three internal grooves.

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