Bayer, Google Cloud Partner for AI Healthcare Apps in Radiology

Bayer and Google Cloud have joined forces to advance artificial intelligence (AI) solutions for supporting radiologists and enhancing patient care. Leveraging Google Cloud’s technology, including its generative AI (gen AI) tools, Bayer will enhance its innovation platform to expedite the development and deployment of AI-powered healthcare applications, particularly in radiology. This collaboration aims to address challenges in building scalable and compliant AI-powered medical imaging software products while prioritizing data security. Ultimately, the goal is to accelerate the creation of innovative solutions that can significantly impact patient outcomes.

“Radiology is pivotal in healthcare, and the urgency to efficiently extract insights and deliver scalable solutions for better patient outcomes is paramount,” said Nelson Ambrogio, President of Radiology at Bayer. “With decades of radiological research and innovation, Bayer is well-positioned to lead in this space. Our collaboration with Google Cloud will empower healthcare and life science organizations to transform vast data into impactful insights, streamlining radiologists’ workflows and enhancing patient care.”

“Radiologists and clinicians are overwhelmed by the volume of work they face daily. Gen AI can streamline repetitive tasks and offer insights from extensive datasets, saving time and improving patient outcomes,” said Thomas Kurian, CEO of Google Cloud. “We are excited to continue our partnership with Bayer as they shape the future of diagnostics, delivering precise and efficient insights to patients.”

Medical imaging data constitutes a significant portion of healthcare data, aiding in patient diagnosis.

Every year, billions of medical images are scanned globally, intensifying the workload for radiologists and healthcare professionals interpreting these images. To efficiently handle and analyze this vast data, new AI tools are essential.

Bayer’s innovation platform streamlines the development process:

Analysis and experimentation: Users can uncover insights using AI-powered data analysis and design healthcare solutions. They can access a data ecosystem, utilize intelligent search, and prepare data within a collaboration platform boasting leading data security. Building and validation: Developers can scale and engineer solutions using gen AI assistance, facilitate regulatory approval with compliant document generation, and evaluate clinical performance using Bayer’s medical imaging core lab services. Launch and monitoring: Healthcare and life science companies can deploy standardized AI medical solutions across compatible systems, analyze field data for insights, bias detection, and continuous improvement. Built on Google Cloud, the platform incorporates tools like Vertex AI, BigQuery, Healthcare API, and Chronicle. A first version for extended testing is slated for release later this year in the EU and US.

Bayer’s expertise in radiology, healthcare regulations, and clinical data management combined with Google’s leadership in gen AI has the potential to revolutionize the healthcare landscape, improving outcomes, reducing costs, and accelerating innovation.

This collaboration extends Bayer and Google Cloud’s longstanding partnership, spanning various technologies such as drug discovery acceleration and patient diagnosis support. Together, they aim to advance patient care globally through responsible AI adoption.

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