Velsera and Solaris Health Partner to Expand Access to Genetic Testing that Helps Urology Patients Understand Cancer Risks

Velsera, a global healthcare technology company offering a universal software platform to connect clinical care with discovery, and Solaris Health, the nation’s leading urological services platform, have teamed up to make cutting-edge genetic testing more readily available to cancer patients and their treating physicians at multiple affiliate sites around the country.

Solaris Health is proud that its affiliated urology practices are the first to afford their patients the ability to receive in-house genetic testing. The partnership with Velsera, which provided critical technology, services and expertise, has furthered the goal to expand access to this guideline-based testing across the nation.

Inherited cancer testing looks for DNA variants inherited from an individual’s parents that would predispose them to develop certain kinds of cancer. For patients treated by physicians in Solaris-affiliated practices, the testing lets them know if they could be at risk for additional forms of cancer, and it could provide insights as to whether their family members are also at increased risk.

“Bringing genetic testing in-house allows our affiliates to comprehensively assess each patient and thereby optimize their treatment. The partnership with Velsera has greatly accelerated the ability of affiliated practices to offer this vital genetic testing to patients,” said Solaris Chairman Deepak Kapoor, MD. “Patients are provided cutting-edge diagnostics and care locally with the doctors they know and trust. And they get access to actionable information regarding their potential risks for hereditary diseases, empowering them to make personalized decisions about their health.”

The partnership involves connecting the genetic sequencing platform operated by the practice group’s laboratory to Velsera’s Clinical Genomics Workspace (CGW), a platform for genetic analysis and patient reporting. CGW takes the sequencing output and provides tools to produce physician-ready clinical interpretations and reports, allowing for a greater focus on clinical management and patient care.

The CGW platform combined with Velsera’s expert professional services deliver a comprehensive solution for physician practices that own a lab or want to start a lab, but lack the resources or in-house knowledge to adopt or manage genomic testing at scale on their own.

“We are thrilled to be partnering with Solaris and its affiliate practices to make genetic testing more widely available to the urology patient population,” said Rakesh Nagarajan, MD, PhD, chief medical officer at Velsera. “This collaborative relationship shows what’s possible for physician-owned labs that are looking to offer or expand cutting-edge genomics-based care. Whether in urology or in other specialties, improving the diagnosis of multiple types of cancer and inherited genetic disease by bringing NGS-based genomic testing in-house is now more attainable than ever.”

Solaris Health management, physicians from Solaris affiliates and Velsera representatives will be available at the LUGPA Annual Meeting, Nov. 2-4 in Lake Buena Vista, Fla., to discuss this partnership.

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Velsera is the precision engine company. Launched in January 2023, we connect healthcare and life sciences to reveal the true promise of precision medicine — a continuous flow of knowledge among researchers, scientists and clinicians around the world, creating insights that radically improve human health. 

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