The Beachbody Company, Inc. Completes Reverse Stock Split

The Beachbody Company, Inc. (NYSE: BODY) (“BODi” or the “Company”), a leading subscription health and wellness company, today announced that the Company’s board of directors has approved a reverse stock split of all of its issued and outstanding common stock at a ratio of one post-split share for every fifty pre-split shares, effective November 21,2023. The Company’s Class A common stock is expected to begin trading on the split-adjusted basis on the New York Stock Exchange (“NYSE”) when the stock markets open on November 22, 2023, under the existing trading symbol “BODY,” with a new CUSIP number of 073463 309.

Mark Goldston, Executive Chairman of BODi, stated, “We are confident that our recently developed turnaround plan will help drive profitability, free cash flow and help to increase our cash on the balance sheet. We have dramatically lowered the breakeven of the company through additional, newly identified reductions in both fixed costs and capital expenditures as part of the ongoing program that began in 2021. As a result of those efforts, we expect to bring the total realized cost savings under the program to a cumulative $165 million by December 31, 2023. In addition to the major cost savings program we have implemented, we are aggressively developing new programs to unlock incremental revenue opportunities. While the execution of our robust turnaround plan will put us on the right path to regain compliance with the NYSE’s minimum closing price requirements and drive long-term shareholder value, we believe that instituting a reverse stock split is the most appropriate action at this time to address the uncertainty regarding our listing.”

As a result of the reverse stock split, fifty shares of the Company’s issued and outstanding Class A and Class X common stock have been combined and reclassified into one issued and outstanding share of Class A and Class X common stock, respectively. The reverse stock split reduced the number of issued and outstanding shares of the Company’s Class A common stock from 177.81 million to 3.56 million and the number of issued and outstanding shares of the Company’s Class X common stock from 136.45 million to 2.73 million.

No fractional shares were issued as a result of the reverse stock split. Instead, stockholders who otherwise were entitled to receive fractional shares of common stock will be entitled to receive cash. The reverse stock split affects all stockholders uniformly and does not alter any stockholder’s percentage interest in the Company’s outstanding common stock, except for adjustments that may result from the treatment of fractional shares. Stockholders owning shares of the Company’s common stock via a bank, broker, or other nominee will have their positions automatically adjusted to reflect the reverse stock split and will not be required to take further action in connection with the reverse stock split, subject to such intermediary’s particular processes.

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