Tebra Launches Enhanced Products for More Patient Time

Tebra, the comprehensive platform for independent healthcare providers, has announced multiple new product enhancements in the second quarter aimed at maximizing time spent with patients. This announcement coincides with the release of a recent survey revealing that 85% of independent healthcare providers agree that increased patient interaction leads to better outcomes, with 56% expressing a desire to reduce time spent on electronic health record (EHR) systems.

“Our focus is on continually improving our customers’ experience, allowing them to dedicate more time to patient care, which is fundamental to why patients choose independent providers and why providers choose Tebra.”

Tebra’s latest updates streamline workflows and enhance user experience, empowering providers to prioritize patient care. Key enhancements include:

  • Improved search functionality for EHR users to swiftly find correct ICD-10 codes
  • Real-time updates on electronic prescription statuses via mobile
  • Direct access to patient messages from within clinical charts (beta feature)
  • Enhanced pediatric growth charts for improved readability
  • Customizable appointment lengths based on type for patient scheduling
  • Updated profile manager offering greater control over Tebra Care Connect listings
  • Efficient appointment management through direct editing from upcoming appointment views
  • Expanded options for credit card payment terminals to facilitate on-the-spot payments
  • Simplified payout reporting details for Tebra Payments customers

These enhancements follow Tebra’s recent survey findings, revealing that 93% of respondents reported spending the same or less time with patients compared to the previous year, despite 82% valuing patient interaction as a critical advantage over larger hospital-owned practices.

“Time is invaluable for healthcare practices, particularly for independent providers who consider it a pivotal competitive edge,” remarked Kyle Ryan, Chief Product and Technology Officer at Tebra. “Our ongoing commitment is to simplify and enhance our platform daily, empowering providers to improve patient outcomes. This commitment underscores why patients seek out independent providers and why providers choose Tebra.”

About Tebra:
Formed in 2021 through the merger of Kareo and PatientPop, Tebra is dedicated to advancing healthcare delivery by providing independent healthcare providers with an integrated practice automation solution. By modernizing patient care journeys and optimizing practice operations, Tebra supports providers in attracting new patients, ensuring efficient care delivery, accelerating payment cycles, and achieving overall practice success.

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