Study with US Hospital on FeelBetter’s Precision Health Platform Impact

FeelBetter Collaborates with Brigham and Women’s Hospital to Study Impact of Precision Population Health Platform on Polypharmacy Management

In February 2024, FeelBetter initiated a joint study with Brigham and Women’s Hospital, focusing on patients at the Phyllis Jen Center for Primary Care. The study aims to assess how FeelBetter’s AI-driven Precision Population Health Platform can enhance health outcomes while reducing healthcare utilization and costs for polypharmacy patients. Building on previous retrospective research from 2022, which demonstrated FeelBetter’s Pharmaco-Clinical Intelligence’s ability to predict medication-related adverse events in senior patients accurately, this prospective study seeks to further validate the platform’s efficacy.

Principal investigator Dr. Lisa Rotenstein emphasized the significance of addressing polypharmacy issues early, noting that such problems often go unnoticed until patients require emergency care. She highlighted that multiple medications can contribute to a significant portion of hospitalizations among seniors with chronic conditions. Dr. David Bates, Professor of Medicine at Harvard Medical School and Brigham and Women’s Hospital, expressed optimism about integrating innovative technologies like FeelBetter’s platform into clinical workflows, foreseeing benefits for patients and care teams alike.

Previous research, presented at the Society of General Internal Medicine (SGIM) 2023 Annual Meeting and the 2023 Annual Research Meeting (ARM) of AcademyHealth, demonstrated FeelBetter’s ability to effectively risk-stratify patients with complex medication regimens and chronic conditions, potentially reducing healthcare utilization and costs. FeelBetter’s CTO, COO, and Co-Founder, Yoram Hordan, reiterated the company’s commitment to personalized healthcare delivery. He emphasized the importance of their Pharmaco-Clinical Intelligence in identifying high-risk patients, recommending interventions, and monitoring progress to improve patient outcomes and promote value-based care.

As part of the pilot program, FeelBetter will integrate its platform with Epic’s EHR to facilitate automated workflows. Leveraging AI-based analyses and evidence-based pharmacology, FeelBetter’s platform aims to revolutionize polypharmacy patient management by identifying at-risk patients, suggesting medication regimen changes, and monitoring their progress comprehensively. Through this collaborative effort, FeelBetter and Brigham and Women’s Hospital seek to advance the understanding and implementation of innovative solutions for polypharmacy management.

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