Solidsoft Reply Takes Charge of the Migration for Finland’s National Drug Verification System

Solidsoft Reply, a subsidiary of the Reply Group specializing in crafting business solutions on the Microsoft Azure cloud, has successfully migrated Finland’s National Medicines Verification System to its National Blueprint solution. Designed to comply with the EU Falsified Medicines Directive (FMD), this Microsoft Azure-based solution facilitated the secure and compliant drug verification activities.

The extensive 10-month project involved migrating a database containing over 500 million drug packaging records from the past four years. Solidsoft Reply worked closely with the Finnish Medicines Verification Organization (FiMVO), requiring meticulous planning, custom migration tools, and collaborative workshops with Finnish IT suppliers to ensure a seamless migration process with full data traceability.

Maija Gohlke, General Manager of FiMVO, praised the project’s professional management, highlighting Solidsoft Reply’s knowledge, dedication, and flexibility, which exceeded expectations. David Eccles, Partner at Solidsoft Reply, emphasized the achievement’s significance in the pharmaceutical and healthcare sector, where precision, data integrity, and security are paramount. This success positions Solidsoft Reply as a key player in enhancing healthcare systems through advanced technologies, contributing significantly to healthcare safety and efficacy.

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