Shapeways Secures Multi-Million-Dollar Medical ContractsRealizing a 3X growth within its medical base in the past 4 years

Shapeways, Inc. (NYSE: SHPW), a global leader in the digital manufacturing industry, announced today the expansion of its medical customer base within its Enterprise Manufacturing Solutions business by securing two significant contracts. These strategic partnerships should generate revenue of approximately $2.5 million annually during the next three years.

As an FDA contract manufacturer, Shapeways is a key driver of innovation in the medical sector. Their work enables medical clients to realize significant growth by delivering high-quality, customized products within days through its additive manufacturing services. Shapeways’ diverse medical client base includes, but not limited to providers of customized orthopedic solutions, patient-specific surgical guides, and unique sleep aids.

“By segmenting data from DICOM images, we enable the creation of highly personalized medical aids and devices through additive manufacturing. These tools increase precision in surgical settings and drastically improve patient outcomes,” said Greg Kress, CEO of Shapeways. “The ability to produce patient-specific medical devices at high volumes with exceptional quality is a key market differentiator–and our superpower at Shapeways.”

Shapeways collaborates with its medical customers to tailor manufacturing solutions that support their business growth. This includes creating clean-room environments, offering custom packaging options, and providing dedicated equipment for products headed for medical use. These processes minimize the risk of product contamination, enhance the patient experience, and contribute to improved patient outcomes.

“We actively seek to collaborate with organizations that drive medical innovation,” said Aidan O’Sullivan, GM of Enterprise Solutions for Shapeways. “The beauty of 3D printing is it fits so well in this space, allowing us to adapt in design and production, and respond to custom medical needs quickly and accurately providing unprecedented opportunities in personalized healthcare.”

Looking ahead, Shapeways is poised to tap into new medical markets within South America, Asia, and the Middle East. Shapeways’ investment in medical technology goes beyond just business growth, showing a deep commitment to helping other companies address long-standing medical challenges through innovation—delivering unique, patient-specific solutions.


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