Revolutionizing Tube Feeding: Innovative Solutions Inspired by Real Patients to Benefit Thousands

Cardinal Health at-Home Solutions plays a crucial role in equipping patients and caregivers with essential tools for in-home care. This article is part of a series shedding light on the innovations, products, and services the business delivers directly to the doorsteps of its 5 million nationwide customers.

Enteral tube feeding (ETF) may not be familiar to everyone unless they or someone they know requires it. In a previous article in our series, “Powering Home Healthcare,” we delved into ETF and how new products have enhanced comfort and flexibility for patients of all ages reliant on this therapy.

As a manufacturer of enteral feeding devices, Cardinal Health supplies the latest enteral nutrition innovations and products directly to patients’ homes through its home care-focused distribution arm, Cardinal Health at-Home Solutions. “We are committed to maintaining a deep understanding of the products we offer, the therapies they facilitate, and most importantly, the real people who rely on them,” stated Krysta Alexinas, Vice President of Sourcing and Category Management for Cardinal Health at-Home Solutions. Alexinas leads the team managing manufacturer relationships and facilitating the sourcing and distribution of cutting-edge innovations.

One such manufacturer making waves in the tube feeding community is Misti Staley from Arkansas and her husband, Will Staley. Their son, Freeman, was born with a cleft palate and was later diagnosed with a severe form of Beals Syndrome, necessitating enteral feeding. Faced with the challenge of juggling multiple tasks during feedings, Misti and Will devised the FreeArm®Muscle, an innovative device to assist with tube feeding. Inspired by their personal experience caring for Freeman, the FreeArm®Muscle securely holds feeding apparatus, providing caregivers with a much-needed extra hand during feedings.

Although Freeman tragically passed away at a young age, his legacy lives on through the FreeArm®Muscle, which has since helped thousands of patients nationwide. Cardinal Health at-Home Solutions prioritizes offering products like the FreeArm®Muscle that address real-world needs. “Freeman’s life serves as a poignant reminder of the importance of our work,” remarked Alexinas. “We are dedicated to making life-changing products accessible to our customers’ patients, thereby improving their quality of life.

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