Revolutionizing Diagnostics and Advancing Life Sciences Innovation from Early-Phase Research to Clinical Applications: Revvity Unveils State-of-the-Art Solutions at SLAS2024

Unveiling the New Brand: Making its debut at SLAS, Revvity introduces its fresh brand, emphasizing the ongoing commitment to pushing the boundaries of human potential through scientific innovation. The revitalized company showcases a range of specialized technologies and expertise geared towards expediting advancements in life sciences and diagnostics.

Introduction of LabChip® AAV Empty/Full Characterization Solution: Launching a swift, reliable, and scalable technique for the analysis of adeno-associated virus (AAV), aimed at streamlining the development and manufacturing processes of gene therapy.

Showcasing Cutting-Edge Technologies: Highlighting advancements in solutions across various domains such as cellular research, multiomics, precision medicine, diagnostics, assay development, automation, and pioneering therapeutic modalities, including payload and delivery systems for cell and gene therapy.

Revvity, Inc. is gearing up to unveil its new branding and showcase over 40 products from its life sciences and diagnostics portfolio at SLAS2024, scheduled to take place in Boston from February 3-7, at booth #408.

Innovation Spotlight

With a focus on the evolving landscape of personalized medicine, Revvity aims to offer high-value, cutting-edge solutions that drive scientific innovation and positively impact human health. The company’s offerings are tailored to provide differentiated capabilities, equipping customers with the necessary tools for success in precision medicine and beyond.

Dr. Alan Fletcher, Senior Vice President of Life Sciences at Revvity, expressed, “We’re here in our backyard, demonstrating how we seamlessly bring it all together, powering innovation from research to reality. Our approach and products revolve around assisting scientists in discovering more and translating faster in clinical development, drug discovery, and basic research.” Revvity serves as a scientific partner for preclinical research and development, GMP manufacturing, global genomic labs, and leading clinical diagnostics.

Highlights at SLAS2024

Revvity will showcase a curated selection of its extensive range of life sciences and diagnostics products and services.

  1. New Modalities: Introducing technologies and services for designing, delivering, and analyzing genetic payloads, expanding the frontiers of research. This includes Pin-point™ base editing, AAV engineering and optimization +AAV process development services, LentiBOOST® GMP-grade transduction enhancer, and various gene modification technologies. The newly launched LabChip® AAV empty/full characterization solution for gene therapy applications will also be featured.
  2. Automation Technologies: Demonstrating integrated robotics and software solutions for enhanced productivity, including systems like the chemagic™ 360 nucleic acid extraction system, Explorer™ G3 workstation with integrated Fontus™ liquid handler, FlexDrop™ iQ™ non-contact dispenser, and Omni™ LH 96 automated homogenization workstation.
  3. Cellular Technologies: Showcasing advanced technologies for cell analysis, facilitating breakthroughs in research and discovery. This encompasses the Cellaca® PLX image cytometry system, Opera Phenix® HCS system, Signals Image Artist™ software, CRISPR and RNAi reagents, cell painting assays, and an extensive range of BioLegend® antibodies for flow cytometry.
  4. Omics: Presenting comprehensive platforms for accelerated multiomic discoveries, including single-cell proteogenomic assays and Omni™ Bead Ruptor™ solution for tissue homogenization.
  5. Precision Medicine and Diagnostics: Displaying diagnostic-enabling and discovery technologies tailored for improved patient outcomes. This includes BioLegend® reagents for flow cytometric cell phenotyping, BioQule™ NGS system for automated sample in – library out preparation, CDX assay development services, ELISPOT® secreted protein detection assays, MojoSort™ magnetic cell separation system, among others.
  6. Assay Development: Featuring advanced solutions to enhance assay throughput and precision, such as Dharmacon® reagents, CRISPR/RNAi screening libraries, functional genomics services, cell panel and immune cell screening, and CRISPR-based cell line engineering. Revvity’s no-wash immunoassays, detection, and cellular imaging portfolios, including the EnVision® Nexus™ Multimode microplate reader and IVIS® and Vega® in vivo imaging platforms, will also be highlighted.

The company aims to showcase its commitment to advancing scientific research and innovation across various disciplines at SLAS2024.

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