Regen Lab partners with Morocco’s Ministries of Health and Industry, Dassault Systèmes, Baylor College of Medicine (US) and SOTHEMA to accelerate regenerative medicine in Morocco and Africa

Regen Lab, a Swiss medical technology company specializing in the research, development, registration, manufacturing and commercialization of proprietary tissue engineering products, announces the signing of a collaboration agreement with the Moroccan Ministries of Health and Industry, the Dassault Systèmes group (3DS), Baylor College of Medicine (Texas, USA) and the Moroccan Therapeutic Society (SOTHEMA, la Société Thérapeutique Marocaine), to create a fully integrated global operational structure dedicated to the deployment of regenerative medicine in Morocco and more widely in Africa.

With strong governance and sustainable funding mechanisms, this partnership will focus on the following objectives:

  • Develop international regulatory standards that take into account patient diversity
  • Conduct clinical research on diseases with high mortality rates (e.g. heart disease and cancers)
  • Launch a fully integrated platform, called “InSiDDe”, meeting the high standards of FDA-registered GLP (Good Laboratory Practice) and registered with the FDA, for the development of accessible medicines
  • Integrate digital technologies into clinical trials («in silico clinical trial») to better measure the effectiveness of treatment, capture the heterogeneity of patient populations and adopt digital tools as well as cutting-edge technologies, including remote diagnosis
  • Train medical staff in cutting-edge technologies
  • Leverage 3DS technologies and the network of all our entities to attract human capital to Africa
  • Develop clinical research in Morocco through partnerships with university hospitals
  • Building the first clinical research hospital in compliance with US standards

Within this partnership, Regen Lab, a leader in regenerative medicine, will focus on:

  • Innovation (Laboratory and clinical studies)
  • Manufacture of tissue-engineered medical devices
  • Drug delivery and personalised medicine (oncology and preventive surgery)
  • Communication and dissemination of medical technologies

Finally, this partnership will help to create interactions with players in the ecosystem in the United States, in particular Long Island University, with which Regen Lab and 3DS signed a partnership agreement at the beginning of June to set up an industrial innovation accelerator dedicated to regenerative medicine and tissue engineering.

“We are proud to enter into such an agreement with highly recognised players in the healthcare sector. This partnership represents a tremendous lever to accelerate innovation in numerous therapeutic areas for the benefit of Moroccan public health, and ultimately to create a solid biotechnology industry on our territory,declared Prof. Khalid AIT TALEB, Minister of Health and Social Protection.

“Regen Lab is honoured to be part of this ecosystem of prestigious public and private players, and we are proud to be able to bring our expertise in regenerative medicine to the Moroccan public health authorities. The aim of this high-quality scientific collaboration is to produce and market new medical technologies for the benefit of Moroccan and, more broadly, African patients,” adds Antoine TURZI, CEO of Regen Lab Group.


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