Q Bio Reveals Tensor Field Mapping: Advancing MRI Measurement

Today, Q Bio Inc., a trailblazer in medical imaging technology, introduced Tensor Field Mapping (TFM), a cutting-edge advancement in Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI). TFM offers unprecedented insights into the human body, providing quantitative imaging data that surpasses the qualitative data obtained from traditional MRIs. This innovation ensures consistency across machines and clinical settings, enabling AI-driven diagnostics to expedite patient care.

For years, MRI technology has been indispensable in diagnosing various medical conditions, yet hindered by its qualitative nature and data variability,” said Jeff Kaditz, Founder and CTO / CEO of Q Bio. “With Tensor Field Mapping, we’re making a significant leap forward, enabling consistent multi-parametric tissue quantification across MRI machines, crucial for AI and personalized medicine.”

TFM, developed by Q Bio’s team of experts in medical imaging, physics, and computational science, will debut in the company’s upcoming Mark I full body scanner. This technology offers quantifiable data absent in traditional MRIs, allowing continuous measurement and benchmarking of tissue properties, essential for accurate disease diagnosis and treatment planning.

“TFM has realized the long-awaited promise of quantified MRIs,” said Thomas Witzel, VP of Imaging at Q Bio. “By modeling the entire imaging process without idealizing hardware assumptions, we’re enhancing MRI data quality and paving the way for faster, more comfortable equipment.”

Key capabilities of TFM include:

  • A 100-fold reduction in computational power, requiring only a single GPU.
  • Harmonization of imaging across hardware, software, and clinical settings for data sharing and pooling.
  • Maxwell regularization for accurate coil sensitivity modeling.
  • Advanced field calibration and motion reconstruction techniques enhancing data accuracy.

“Tensor Field Mapping envisions a future where frequency, accuracy, and benchmarking with radiomic data are achievable in medical imaging,” added Clarissa Shen, COO of Q Bio. “We’re excited to collaborate with healthcare providers and researchers to bring TFM’s benefits to patients globally.”

Q Bio Inc. is dedicated to advancing medical imaging technology and improving patient outcomes. Alongside TFM’s debut in the Mark I full body scanner, the company plans to explore other hardware options. With Tensor Field Mapping, Q Bio is pioneering a new era in diagnostics and personalized medicine.


Founded in 2015 by serial entrepreneur Jeff Kaditz, Dr. Michael Snyder, and Dr. Garry Choy, Q Bio provides a quantitative, clinically-relevant assessment of personal human health, offering individuals deeper insights into their bodies’ changes for better health control. Q Bio believes in making preventive health accessible to everyone to prevent treatable diseases from claiming lives.

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