Pramana’s Digital Pathology 2.0 Milestone

At the USCAP annual conference in Baltimore, MD, from March 25-28, 2024, Pramana, Inc. will exhibit its advanced solutions for Digital Pathology 2.0 at booth #549. Pramana will showcase its vast experience and cutting-edge technologies, such as the development of the world’s largest DICOM repository of whole slide images for anatomic pathology, catering to its prominent clients.

Pramana is leading the charge in transforming pathology labs by embracing automation and AI-driven autonomous operations to address labor shortages and rising costs faced by labs across the United States. Their cutting-edge technology in whole slide imaging has significantly boosted digitization efforts with unmatched efficiencies. Pramana’s advanced whole slide imaging technology ensures high success rates in scanning various slides suitable for optical microscope viewing, thereby optimizing lab operations and improving diagnostic capabilities.

According to Prasanth Perugupalli, Pramana’s Chief Product Officer, the company has made remarkable strides in whole slide imaging, digitizing over 1 million glass slides monthly for archival and clinical purposes. Their collaboration with Image Management System partners has resulted in the creation of the largest DICOM dataset for digital pathology, signaling a new era in the field.

Pramana’s patented volumetric imaging technology has expanded from tissue imaging to address challenging areas like microbiology, cytology, and parasitology applications. Their fully autonomous quality assurance process has significantly reduced the time and cost of digital operations before pathologists review the images.

Perugupalli highlighted groundbreaking improvements in software architecture, enabling real-time computation of feature descriptor algorithms during image acquisition on the scanner. This breakthrough enriches digital images with actionable results without delays, at unprecedented low costs, making the economics of digital pathology more favorable.

Pramana’s advancements in in-line computation of morphological features, showcased in two poster presentations at USCAP, underscore their commitment to delivering actionable outcomes for pathologists through innovative technologies.

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