Pramana and Caris Life Sciences Collaborate to Digitize 1.5 Million Pathology Slides Annually

Pramana, Inc., an AI-enabled health tech company modernizing the pathology sector, today announced a multi-year agreement with Caris Life Sciences (Caris), the leading next-generation AI TechBio company and precision medicine pioneer that is actively developing and delivering innovative solutions to revolutionize healthcare and improve the human condition using molecular science and AI. As part of the agreement, Pramana will digitize approximately 1.5 million slides per year with its family of intelligent scanning systems and advanced software, bringing efficiency to digital operations.

“We are delighted to collaborate with Caris Life Sciences, the market leader in precision medicine, to support their digital pathology needs, which have a direct and significant impact for cancer patients,” said Prasanth Perugupalli, Chief Product Officer at Pramana. “At Pramana, we go beyond the industry norm to manage challenges such as extremely sparse and very faint slides, label inconsistencies, and broad specimen types. Our systems perform autonomous quality assessment in-line with the whole slide scanning operation. This has a tremendous impact on the total cost of operations for our customers.”

He added, “We have achieved remarkable progress in collaboration with the specialists at Caris, successfully performing and passing clinical validation and achieving a near zero rejection rate on whole slide images. In addition, we have jointly created a new industry best benchmark for ‘no tissue left behind,’ ideally suited for molecular pathology labs, as it ensures complete replication of the physical slide, including tiny tissue fragments located in the farthest corners of a glass slide.”

The agreement includes in-process digitization of daily workloads of all specimens using Pramana’s Spectral family of scanners and Intelligent Acquisition software with in-line quality assurance.

“Caris has invested heavily in digital pathology over the last several years, and we have already digitized millions of slides from hundreds of thousands of unique cancer patients. We chose to partner with Pramana because of its advanced software capabilities and intelligent scanning solutions,” said Matthew Oberley, MD, PhD, Senior Vice President and Executive Medical Director at Caris Life Sciences. “After conducting a very successful pilot program, we are excited to move forward with both prospective and additional archival digitization with Pramana. The ability to enrich whole slide images with valuable metadata and software tools that allows for the rapid and intuitive visualization about the specimen will significantly streamline our workflows and AI capabilities in support of clinical patient care and help advance the next wave of oncology therapeutics through our partnerships with biopharma.”

Through comprehensive molecular profiling of DNA, RNA, and proteins, and the application of advanced AI and machine learning algorithms, Caris has created the large-scale, clinico-genomic database and computing capability needed to analyze and unravel the molecular complexity of disease. This convergence of sequencing power, big data, and AI technologies provides an unmatched platform to deliver the next-generation of precision medicine tools for early detection, diagnosis, monitoring, therapy selection, and drug development.

About Pramana, Inc.

Pramana, Inc., a health-tech company founded by nference, inc., enables seamless digital pathology adoption by pathology labs and medical centers. Built upon extensive industry experience and patented technological innovation, Pramana is a gateway for pathologists and physicians to utilize AI-enabled decision support. The company is headquartered in Cambridge, Mass., and backed by Matrix Capital, a global leader in customized investment solutions, and NTTVC, a leading firm backing diverse founders within the technology spectrum.

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