Pluto Biosciences Raises $3.7M to Revolutionize Biological Data Interpretation and Accelerate Life Sciences Discoveries

Pluto Biosciences, a cutting-edge life sciences software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform, announced today the closing of a $3.7 million seed round led by Silverton Partners in Austin, TX. This investment will fuel the expansion of Pluto’s innovative platform, which gives scientific teams both a unified home for managing their biological data, and an industry-first, interactive canvas for analyzing and visualizing complex biological data sets using no-code computational biology pipelines.

Pluto is breaking down the obstacles that have traditionally prevented the widespread use of computational biology… and empowering scientists to play an active role in their scientific discoveries

Since its launch in 2021 from the Wyss Institute at Harvard University, Pluto has become a trusted partner for life sciences organizations in the US and UK, ranging in size and domain from academia to public biopharma. With its biology-focused user experience, Pluto offers flexibility and ease-of-use when running bioinformatics analyses and creating plots, allowing researchers to focus on making groundbreaking discoveries and presenting them for maximum impact.

“Pluto is breaking down the obstacles that have traditionally prevented the widespread use of computational biology, including the need for compute infrastructure and black box ‘pipelines’, and empowering scientists to play an active role in their scientific discoveries,” says Rani Powers, PhD, CEO and Founder of Pluto. Dr. Powers is confident that the investment will accelerate Pluto’s growth and enable the Company to reach even more organizations in the life sciences industry. “With Silverton Partners’ support, we will be able to increase sales velocity with the ultimate goal of transforming the way life sciences research is conducted.”

Mike Dodd, General Partner at Silverton Partners, brings extensive experience in technology investing and a strong track record of success. Silverton Partners is known for investing in early-stage ventures tackling growth markets and building lasting companies, and their support of Pluto underscores their confidence in the Company’s potential for long-term growth.

“We were impressed by Pluto’s innovative product and ability to solve real needs currently slowing the pace of discovery in the life sciences industry,” says Dodd. “The platform’s seamless integration of data management, computational biology algorithms, and visualization capabilities sets it apart from competitors, and we believe the Company is poised for significant growth in the coming years.”

Scientists currently use Pluto to accelerate biological applications spanning from preclinical and translational science research, to cell and gene therapies, drug discovery and development, and clinical research. Built to be flexible for the wide range of experiments a scientific team can perform, the platform can be used to analyze data from popular next-generation sequencing-based assays such as RNA-seq, ChIP-seq, CUT&RUN, and CRISPR screens, as well as data from other workhorse assays for pharma and biotech including metabolomics, proteomics, biochemical assays, and animal behavioral studies. The Pluto platform also integrates with sequencing services, electronic lab notebooks, project management platforms, and other collaboration tools. Pluto will use the funding to further build out the product and go-to-market teams, and develop advanced product features.


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