Oticon Launches Oticon Intent: First Hearing Aid with User-Intent Sensors

Today, Oticon, Inc. introduces Oticon Intent™, the world’s pioneering hearing aid featuring user-intent sensors designed to comprehend and adjust to individuals’ preferences in challenging listening environments. With its innovative technology, Oticon Intent aims to enhance the engagement of people with hearing loss in situations where background noise is prevalent, addressing their primary challenge and complaint of hearing speech amidst such conditions.

New insights from BrainHearing™ reveal the significance of monitoring head and body movements to understand a hearing aid user’s communication intent in various listening situations. Leveraging this groundbreaking discovery, Oticon, Inc. introduces Oticon Intent™, the world’s first hearing aid equipped with 4D Sensor technology. This innovative technology combines inputs on head motion, body movement, conversation activity, and acoustic environment to precisely discern users’ listening needs and preferences, resulting in a more intuitive, responsive, and personalized hearing experience that mirrors the brain’s natural processing of sound.

Oticon Intent offers access to 360 degrees of sound while prioritizing each individual’s listening requirements, all within Oticon’s smallest and most discreet rechargeable hearing aid. It adapts seamlessly to different environments, providing spatial awareness to navigate surroundings, focusing on the speaker in one-on-one conversations, and enhancing speech access in group discussions by responding to the wearer’s head movements.

Virginia Ramachandran, AuD, PhD, Head of Audiology at Oticon, highlights the significance of this advancement, stating, “With Oticon Intent, we’ve enhanced our BrainHearing approach to give wearers greater access to sounds and speech, enabling active participation in everyday situations.” The device, powered by advanced features like a second-generation Deep Neural Network (DNN), improves sound quality, listening comfort, and speech comprehension while offering more sound nuances and access to speech.

Designed with user comfort in mind, Oticon Intent features up to 20 hours of battery life and faster charging times. Its sleek design and IP68 dust and moisture resistance rating ensure durability and style. Additionally, Oticon Intent utilizes next-generation Bluetooth® LE Audio, supporting modern connectivity standards for seamless connection to a wide range of devices and accessories, including smartphones, tablets, and PCs.

Compatible with the Oticon Companion app, Oticon Intent allows users to manage their hearing experience conveniently from their smartphone or Apple Watch®. This launch marks a significant milestone for Oticon, continuing its legacy of pioneering hearing solutions that empower users to fully engage in life.

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