ObjectiveHealth, QualDerm Expand Partnership to Enhance Patient Care Options

ObjectiveHealth, a Nashville-based integrated research and technology platform company, has announced an expansion of its partnership with QualDerm Partners, LLC, a leading dermatology and skin care management services organization also based in Nashville. This collaboration aims to integrate clinical research as a care option across QualDerm’s extensive network of 158 skin care and aesthetics practices spanning 17 states, serving over 125,000 patients monthly.

“We’re excited to broaden our partnership with QualDerm to offer clinical research options to over 1.5 million annual patients within their multi-state network of top-tier dermatology practices,” said Colleen Hoke, CEO of ObjectiveHealth.

ObjectiveHealth specializes in innovative research initiatives, partnering with physicians and healthcare organizations to implement clinical research programs enhanced by advanced, AI-driven diagnostics. This approach is designed to elevate patient outcomes directly at the point of care. QualDerm Partners boasts a quality-driven network of board-certified dermatologists focused on sustainable growth and excellence in patient care.

“This expansion represents a significant opportunity for patients participating in our studies, providing increased access to cutting-edge care options and fostering deeper engagement with their dermatologists in support of their skin health,” added Colleen Hoke.

The strategic alliance between ObjectiveHealth and QualDerm aims to advance dermatology research, particularly in conditions like skin cancer, psoriasis, atopic dermatitis, acne, and alopecia, ensuring specialized care for patients.

“We’re proud to enhance our collaboration with ObjectiveHealth, expanding access to clinical research across our affiliated practices,” said Joel Hackney, CEO of QualDerm. “ObjectiveHealth’s seamless integration of innovative technology supports our commitment to expanding patient access to high-quality dermatological care.”

ObjectiveHealth utilizes proprietary AI technology to efficiently identify clinical trial candidates through patient electronic health records and provider schedules. This streamlined approach, complemented by on-site research coordinators, seamlessly integrates clinical trials into community-based specialty practices, enhancing patient care continuity.

ObjectiveHealth is a leading integrated research provider, partnering with physicians, healthcare organizations, pharmaceutical companies, and CROs to establish advanced research infrastructure as part of patient care. Their AI-driven technology facilitates clinical trial recruitment and management, delivering advancements in healthcare solutions across 16 states and over 600 providers. For more information, visit objective.health.

QualDerm Partners supports top-tier dermatologists in achieving sustainable practice growth and profitability through affiliations and de novo development. Their True Partnership model preserves physicians’ clinical autonomy while providing management support and growth opportunities. QualDerm offers customized partnership structures tailored to physician needs, ensuring high-quality patient care and practice success.

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