OACHC and AndHealth Collaborate for Specialty Care + Pharmacy in Ohio Community Health Centers

AndHealth has teamed up with the Ohio Association of Community Health Centers (OACHC) to introduce a statewide Whole-Person Community Care Model for Ohio’s Community Health Centers (CHCs) and their patients. With this partnership, Ohio’s 59 CHCs, constituting the state’s largest primary care system, gain streamlined access to top-notch, culturally sensitive whole-person specialty care and specialty pharmacy services. Leveraging OACHC’s extensive expertise, membership scale, and best practices, a master agreement has been established to facilitate statewide adoption of this vital patient service efficiently and cost-effectively.

The Whole-Person Community Care Model empowers CHCs with increased patient capacity, expanded clinical capabilities, and sustainable reimbursement, allowing them to deliver primary specialty care and pharmacy services directly to patients—both within their community health centers and remotely through convenient virtual options. This approach eliminates transportation and logistical barriers, ensuring patients can fully engage in their care.

Julie DiRossi-King, CEO of OACHC, hailed the partnership as a game-changer for CHCs and their patients, emphasizing its potential to expedite specialty access, improve health outcomes, and reduce overall healthcare costs. The Community Whole Person Specialty Care Model underscores the importance of pharmacy reimbursement integrity for CHCs while enabling them to attract new patients and diversify revenue streams.

With over 40 years of experience, OACHC has championed the expansion of the Health Center Program’s innovative care model, striving to enhance access to high-quality, comprehensive care and eliminate health disparities. By collaborating with AndHealth, OACHC aims to address the specialty access crisis by providing community-based whole-person specialty care solutions. This integrated approach, combining in-house specialty care and pharmacy services, enables CHCs to serve patients onsite, under sliding fee scales, with seamless access to virtual and onsite options.

Matt Scantland, Founder + CEO of AndHealth, expressed his excitement to collaborate with OACHC and Ohio’s CHCs to revolutionize patient access and outcomes. Together, they aspire to fulfill the vision of health as a fundamental human right, making CHCs an integral part of the healthcare delivery system and removing barriers to health for all individuals.

About OACHC: The Ohio Association of Community Health Centers (OACHC) serves as the nonprofit Primary Care Association (PCA) for Ohio’s Community Health Centers (CHCs), comprising the state’s largest primary care network. With a focus on improving access to high-quality, comprehensive care and advocating for healthcare equity and innovation, OACHC serves as a leading voice in community and population health. Through training, technical assistance, and national advocacy, OACHC supports CHCs in their mission to provide affordable, high-quality care to all individuals.

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