New independent clinical study shows safety and efficacy of GC Aesthetics’ PERLE breast implants

-GC Aesthetics® (GCA), a privately held medical technology company providing aesthetic and reconstructive solutions to the global healthcare market, We announced that our implant, PERLE™, was recently featured in an independently peer-reviewed paper published in the Aesthetic Surgery Journal Open Forum. The study, led by Taimur Shoaib (UK), highlights the safety and performance of PERLE, a round, smooth, opaque breast implant with a unique Bio-Q™ surface and 6th generation gel.

This is the first time that clinical data from PERLE has been published in an international journal, demonstrating the safety and performance of the breast implant.

374 patients were retrospectively analyzed, with a mean follow-up period of 18 months. Studies highlight the low complication rate when using the PERLE™ implant.

“This study was carried out to investigate the safety of the PERLE implant.When I heard about the science behind this implant, I introduced it to my clinic, La Belle Forme in Glasgow, in early 2021.My experience with this implant All aspects of PERLE matched my idea of ​​high quality and I wanted to give it a try.We followed 374 patients with PERLE for an average of 18 months. The safety profile of the implant was comparable to other modern implants, and there were no implant-related complications or cases of capsular contracture,” said Taimur Shoaib.

This independent clinical study validates the quality and safety of PERLE breast implants, meeting the expectations and standards of both surgeons and patients.

Chris Brotherston, Head of Quality, Regulatory and Clinical at GC Aesthetics, said: “This is not just a milestone for GC Aesthetics, but a testament to our commitment to delivering safety and exceptional results. We are also excited to launch a 10-year prospective study of PERLE in Q1 2024. We’re excited to announce that we continue to collect critical data and expand our safety and enhanced compatibility profile.”

You can read the full paper here. Zhi Yang Ng, Calum Honeyman, Taimur Shoaib, Single-Institution Early Experience With a New, Smooth, Opaque, and Round Breast Implant Over a 2-Year Period, Aesthetic Surgery Journal Open Forum , Volume 5, 2023, ojad090, https:/ /

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