Modivcare Launches Integration Hub to Transform NEMT Access

Modivcare, a technology-enabled healthcare services company focused on improving health outcomes, has launched its Integration Hub, a groundbreaking digital platform designed to enhance engagement and experience for Medicaid and Medicare members with non-emergency medical transportation (NEMT) benefits.

The Integration Hub, an industry first, offers an extensible modular mobility platform that provides open Application Programming Interfaces (API) to commercial health plan clients, state Medicaid agencies, and facility partners. This platform enables clients and partners to integrate Modivcare’s top user-rated member app experience into their own member tools, portals, and smartphone apps. As a result, members can manage, book, and track their rides in real-time, view ride history, and access updated trip limit data directly through their health plan’s digital tools.

“We are thrilled to announce the launch of Modivcare’s latest platform enhancements, the Integration Hub, which opens up new digital engagement channels for our customers while improving our ability to help members access the care they need,” said L. Heath Sampson, President and Chief Executive Officer of Modivcare. “Our Integration Hub streamlines the process of accessing NEMT benefits by extending and expanding the access points to meet members where they are. We are excited to partner with a major health plan in the development journey who is providing valuable insight into user experience and requirements for those we serve. We are truly bridging technology-enabled solutions to our members’ care.”

NEMT is a critical benefit for Medicaid and Medicare members, who often face challenges in managing and scheduling transportation to medical appointments. Traditionally, members had to make phone calls or use separate apps, leading to a fragmented and cumbersome experience. Modivcare’s Member Mobility App, however, addresses these frustrations. Ranked among the top 20 medical apps on Android and top 90 on Apple, it is the only industry app with such high rankings. This app has led to a 35% reduction in verified complaints and a 14% decrease in missed trips. By incorporating Modivcare’s digital tools into their native websites, portals, and apps, clients can reduce barriers to access, eliminating the need for members to navigate multiple apps and remember vendor names.

The Integration Hub provides immediate confirmation of transportation eligibility and facilitates the scheduling of approved transport options, including mass transit, mileage reimbursement, major rideshare platforms, and commercial NEMT networks. Health plan and facility partners can customize the interface for their Medicaid and Medicare members, allowing them to access benefit status, trip limits, scheduling, and management tools.

The launch of the Integration Hub represents a significant milestone in digital engagement and member experience, improving access to healthcare services for Medicaid and Medicare populations. With this innovative approach to NEMT benefit management, Modivcare is set to make a lasting impact on the lives of millions across the country.

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