MiLaboratories, Miltenyi Biotec Forge Therapeutic Partnership

MiLaboratories, renowned for RNA immune technologies, and Miltenyi Biotec, a global biotechnology leader, join forces in a groundbreaking partnership set to transform next-generation therapies. This collaboration merges MiLaboratories’ innovative RNA kit technology for immune sequencing with Miltenyi Biotec’s extensive production and commercialization expertise.

In a transformative move, MiLaboratories and Miltenyi Biotec have forged an exclusive partnership, granting Miltenyi Biotec rights to MiLaboratories’ innovative RNA kits immune sequencing technology. This cutting-edge technology, pivotal in immunology and personalized medicine research, will be produced and distributed globally by Miltenyi Biotec, leveraging its extensive biotechnology expertise.

Central to this collaboration is the integration of MiLaboratories’ acclaimed software solutions, MiXCR and Platforma, into Miltenyi Biotec’s offerings. These platforms, renowned for next-generation sequencing (NGS) data analysis, will now seamlessly accompany Miltenyi Biotec’s RNA kits, enhancing researchers’ capabilities.

Stan Poslavsky, CEO of MiLaboratories, sees this partnership as a catalyst for advancing next-generation therapies. Jürgen Schmitz, Managing Director at Miltenyi Biotec, shares Poslavsky’s enthusiasm, emphasizing the complementarity of MiLaboratories’ technology with Miltenyi Biotec’s molecular analysis portfolio and the added value of their software solutions.

The collaboration is poised to accelerate genomics research and personalized medicine, offering researchers and clinicians powerful tools to decipher genetic complexities and innovate therapies.

About MiLaboratories:

MiLaboratories pioneers RNA kit technologies and software solutions for NGS data analysis, driving innovation in genomics research and personalized medicine.

About Miltenyi Biotec:

Miltenyi Biotec, a global leader in biomedical research and cellular therapy, supports all stages of cell and gene therapy product development with its comprehensive solutions. Committed to excellence and innovation, Miltenyi Biotec empowers researchers and clinicians worldwide to advance science and health.

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