Mars, Inc. in Exclusive Talks to Acquire Cerba Vet and ANTAGENE from Cerba HealthCare

Today, Mars, Incorporated revealed it’s in exclusive talks with Cerba HealthCare, aiming to acquire Cerba HealthCare’s ownership stake in Cerba Vet and ANTAGENE

Based in Massy, France, Cerba Vet operates six veterinary diagnostics laboratories in France and Switzerland. With about 140 Associates, Cerba Vet offers comprehensive animal-related diagnostic services, including clinical and anatomic pathology, endocrinology, microbiology, serology, hematology, chemistry, and advanced tests to veterinary practitioners. Cerba Vet is renowned in France for its medical expertise and Cerba Vet College, which provides continuous education through weekly webinars and practical sessions.

ANTAGENE, headquartered in Lyon, France, is a prominent player in animal genetics in Europe, specializing in DNA testing for dogs, cats, horses, and wildlife. ANTAGENE’s tests are globally recognized for diagnosing diseases in pets and supporting biodiversity preservation initiatives.

Both Cerba Vet and ANTAGENE complement Antech, Mars Science & Diagnostics’ veterinary diagnostics business, which offers a complete range of diagnostic solutions to veterinary professionals worldwide.

Nefertiti Greene, President of Mars Science & Diagnostics, expressed excitement about the opportunity, anticipating fruitful collaborations with Cerba Vet and ANTAGENE to expand reach and drive research and development, ultimately improving animal health outcomes and fostering A BETTER WORLD FOR PETS™.

Emmanuel Ligner, CEO of Cerba HealthCare, lauded the achievements of Cerba Vet and ANTAGENE teams, expressing confidence in Mars Science & Diagnostics’ ability to support the long-term growth and development of both businesses. He cited Mars Science & Diagnostics’ commitment to science, innovation, strong partnerships with veterinary professionals, and purpose-driven culture as key factors.

The potential acquisition is subject to consultation with employees and employee representative bodies of Cerba Vet and ANTAGENE, as well as customary closing requirements following the execution of definitive transaction agreements.

About Mars, Incorporated:

Mars, Incorporated, driven by a belief in making a positive impact on the world, has been in operation for over a century. With a global team of over 140,000 Associates, Mars produces a diverse portfolio of quality confectionery, food, and pet care products and services. Renowned brands include CESAR®, PEDIGREE®, ROYAL CANIN®, DOVE®, M&M’s®, SNICKERS®, WHISKAS®, and many more. Through its division Mars Science & Diagnostics, dedicated to pet care, Mars aims to create A BETTER WORLD FOR PETS™ by leveraging leading science and expertise in diagnostics, data, and technology to improve pet health outcomes.

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