Manifest MedEx Implements Real-Time Data Exchange Framework

Manifest MedEx (MX), the largest nonprofit qualified health information organization (QHIO) for the CalHHS Data Exchange Framework (DxF), announced today it is securely exchanging permitted health data in real time on behalf of DxF participants, including with other QHIOs, marking a new milestone in the implementation of the DxF.

Manifest MedEx (MX), serving as the chosen data exchange intermediary for nearly 200 organizations listed in the DxF Participant Directory, has achieved a significant milestone. These organizations are successfully fulfilling their health data sharing obligations under AB 133, a state law mandating the exchange of health and social services information across most healthcare entities in California starting this year. With the recent launch of the DxF Participant Directory, Manifest MedEx anticipates a substantial increase in the number of participants as more organizations complete their entries.

To facilitate participation in the DxF, Manifest MedEx, as the sole nonprofit QHIO operating across every county in California, securely shares health data on behalf of these organizations in accordance with HIPAA regulations. This involves various processes:

  1. Requests for Information and Information Delivery: Manifest MedEx adheres to the DxF’s requirements for sharing clinical data in nationally and federally adopted standards, such as the United States Core Data for Interoperability (USCDI) v2. This includes data classes and elements related to social drivers of health (SDOH) and sexual orientation and gender identification (SOGI), supporting comprehensive care. Additionally, administrative health data from payers, including adjudicated claims and encounters, are shared.
  2. Notification of Admission, Discharge, and Transfer (ADT) Events: California hospitals are mandated to send ADT notifications to requesting providers, informing them of patient admissions, discharges, or transfers. Manifest MedEx has launched the California ADT Network, facilitating the secure exchange of ADT notifications among eligible hospitals, health systems, skilled nursing facilities (SNFs), and QHIOs at no cost.
  3. Individual Access Services: Manifest MedEx enhances its Individual Access Services (IAS) to provide secure, electronic patient access to longitudinal health records. This ensures Californians and their caregivers can actively participate in their care and verify the accuracy of their information.

Erica Galvez, CEO of Manifest MedEx, emphasized the organization’s commitment to expanding and scaling its capabilities to serve all DxF participants, regardless of their size or resources. The goal is to establish a robust health data safety net in the state, facilitating the secure exchange of critical health information to improve the well-being of all Californians.

Manifest MedEx’s achievement of HITRUST CSF® certification for the fifth consecutive year underscores its commitment to data security. Assemblymember Jim Wood, a legislative leader on healthcare industry reforms, hailed Manifest MedEx’s role in advancing health data exchange across the state, ensuring equitable access to care for all Californians.

As a nonprofit entity, primary care providers, specialists, and clinics in California can join Manifest MedEx for free. Interested organizations can participate in the California ADT Network at no cost and should contact Manifest MedEx to utilize their services as a DxF intermediary.

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