Latest Report Analyzes Revenue Generated by Allied Healthcare Professionals

Allied healthcare professionals, such as radiology technologists and therapists, are substantial revenue generators for healthcare facilities, according to a recent report from AMN Healthcare, a leading provider of healthcare workforce solutions.

The 2024 Allied Healthcare Professional Revenue and ROI Report by AMN Healthcare tracks the net revenue generated by different types of radiology technologists and therapists, after deducting the contingent staffing costs.

Among the findings, cath lab technologists emerge as the top revenue generators among the 16 types of allied healthcare professionals included in the study. These technologists, crucial in cardiac procedures where they operate defibrillators and other equipment, generate an average net revenue exceeding $2.8 million annually. This translates to approximately $237,375 per month and $54,778 per week after accounting for contingent labor expenses.

Michael Dennis, President of AMN Healthcare’s Allied Staffing Solutions division, emphasized, “While physicians are known for revenue generation through their services, allied healthcare professionals are also significant contributors to the bottom line. They are not merely a cost but an essential asset driving revenue.”

Following cath lab technologists, vascular sonographers rank second in revenue generation, averaging $1,371,750 annually. Nuclear medicine technologists follow closely with $1,275,090, and radiation therapists generate $1,000,275 annually. General radiology technologists, who perform x-rays, generate an average net revenue of $626,825 annually, ranking fifth.

In addition to direct revenue, allied radiology professionals contribute to substantial indirect revenue streams by facilitating essential diagnostic imaging services like X-rays, MRIs, and CAT scans. This indirect revenue supports radiologists in their diagnostic interpretations, a factor highlighted in AMN Healthcare’s 2023 Physician Billing Report, which notes radiologists bill over $2 million annually to commercial payors solely from interpreting images captured by allied radiology professionals.

The report also analyzes revenue generated by physical therapists (PTs), occupational therapists (OTs), and speech-language pathologists (SLPs), revealing an average annual direct net revenue of $225,000 across these therapist roles. Dennis noted that these professionals also contribute to indirect revenue streams, potentially including revenues from surgeries requiring post-operative therapy.

AMN Healthcare’s report draws from a national database of annual billing data from various allied healthcare professionals, adjusted for contingent staffing costs based on prevailing rates. The insights underscore the critical financial impact and indispensable role of allied healthcare professionals in healthcare delivery and revenue generation.

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