Labcorp expands access to colorectal cancer screening through partnership with the Conference of National Black Churches

 Labcorp (NYSE: LH), a leading global life sciences company, is partnering with the Conference of National Black Churches (CNBC) to address health equity gaps in colorectal cancer screening. To raise awareness and provide expanded access to colorectal cancer screening tests, the Conference of National Black Churches will distribute over 3,000 colorectal screening test kits across several urban and rural locations including Atlanta, Dallas, Memphis, Washington D.C., New Haven, Los Angeles and Richmond.  

Colorectal cancer, which is the third most deadly type of cancer in the U.S., has a disproportionate impact on the Black community, according to the American Cancer Society. Among various racial and ethnic groups, the Black community experiences the highest incidence rates of colorectal cancer, experiencing a 20% higher risk of developing the disease and a 40% higher risk of dying from it.

“We are proud to partner with Labcorp to increase access to testing options in urban and rural communities,” said Dr. W. Franklyn Richardson, Chairman of CNBC. “Labcorp’s commitment to health equity aligns with our mission of helping the communities we serve to thrive. Access to regular screening for chronic diseases like colorectal cancer is essential for improving quality of life.”

In alignment with Labcorp’s continued commitment to educate and empower patients on the importance of early screenings, the company is sharing new survey data from over 2,000 participants, highlighting insights into consumer perceptions of colorectal cancer screenings. Some key trends revealed by the survey results include:

  • 62% of respondents have not yet undergone colorectal cancer screening, despite most knowing they should be screened at 45.
  • Among those who have been screened, 56% would opt for an at-home test collection, if given a choice.
  • Only 33% of respondents are aware of the widespread availability of at-home test collection kits.

“We know that an estimated 90% of colon cancer deaths are preventable if detected early, making it crucial for patients to discuss the risk with their providers and to get screened for colon cancer. But we’re seeing that more than half of patients aren’t doing that, “said Dr. Brian Caveney, chief medical officer and president of Labcorp Diagnostics. “With Labcorp’s at-home collection kit offering, patients have an additional and convenient option to get screened– a game-changer in the detection of colon cancer.”

It is essential for patients to have open discussions with their healthcare providers about the risks, prevention strategies and appropriate screening tests for colorectal cancer. In addition to conversations with their doctor, patients can ask for the kit from their provider or purchase Labcorp’s Colorectal Cancer At-Home Fecal Immunochemical Test (FIT) through Labcorp OnDemand. FIT is a less invasive option for average risk individuals that is designed to screen for precancerous or early-stage colon cancer. This makes it easier for patients to complete a screening test from the comfort of their homes.

Labcorp’s Colorectal Cancer At-Home Tests can be ordered by a patient’s physician, and may be eligible for insurance reimbursement. Consumers can also purchase the Colorectal Cancer At-Home Test through Labcorp OnDemand here for $89, HSA and FSA accepted.

It is important to note that FIT is a screening tool and does not diagnose colorectal cancer. FIT screening is not appropriate for individuals who are already considered high risk for colon cancer. If you are high risk, talk to your healthcare professional about  appropriate screening options. The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends colorectal cancer screening for anyone age 45 or older.

Survey Methodology

The survey was an online, blinded, quantitative study comprised of 2,001 participants in the U.S. over a two-day period. Respondents are all U.S. residents ages 18-59, with no healthcare industry affiliation. The survey reflects the U.S. population with a mix of genders, geographies, general health status and family history of colorectal cancer.

About Labcorp
Labcorp is a leading global life sciences company that provides vital information to help doctors, hospitals, pharmaceutical companies, researchers, and patients make clear and confident decisions. Through our unparalleled diagnostics and drug development capabilities, we provide insights and accelerate innovations to improve health and improve lives. With more than 80,000 employees, we serve clients in more than 100 countries. Labcorp (NYSE: LH) reported revenue of $14.9 billion in FY2022.

About Conference of National Black Churches (CNBC)
CNBC is comprised of the national leadership of the largest historically Black denominations in America. The organization represents more than 80% of African American Christians across this nation that have a combined membership of over 20 million people and 31,000 congregations. CNBC serves as the vehicle by which our member denominations collaborate in the areas of health, social justice and public policy on behalf of African American communities.


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