Know Labs Introduces KnowU™: Wearable Glucose Monitor

Know Labs, Inc. (NYSE American: KNW), a pioneer in non-invasive medical diagnostic technology, has unveiled its latest innovation, the KnowU™. This wearable continuous glucose monitor (CGM) marks a significant milestone following the announcement of its initial prototype in June 2023, achieved through an accelerated development process over the past eight months.

Know Labs, Inc. , a pioneering developer of non-invasive medical diagnostic technology, has unveiled its latest breakthrough, the KnowU™. This wearable continuous glucose monitor (CGM) integrates the sensor that the company plans to submit to the FDA for clearance. The proprietary sensor, proven stable and accurate in lab settings, underwent rigorous testing in the prototype phase to validate its stability outside the lab and has now been miniaturized for wearable use.

The KnowU can be attached with an adhesive for easy clip-on and off functionality, or worn on the wrist or forearm with a strap. Significantly smaller and lighter than its prototype, the device features onboard computing power and built-in machine learning capabilities. Designed for user convenience, it aims to provide a long-lasting experience, eliminate disposables, feature a rechargeable battery, and seamlessly connect with a user-friendly mobile app.

The KnowU represents a major step towards delivering the world’s first non-invasive blood glucose monitor to the global market. As Know Labs prepares for FDA clinical trials, the KnowU device will facilitate accelerated data collection, including assessing its performance across continuous wear, various body locations, and diverse glycemic ranges and populations.

Ron Erickson, CEO and Chairman at Know Labs, emphasized the company’s commitment to providing an accessible, affordable, and accurate solution for diabetes management. He envisions a future where equitable care in diabetes management is a reality, with the KnowU playing a pivotal role in enhancing the quality of life for those living with diabetes.

Built on Know Labs’ robust scientific foundation, the KnowU utilizes proprietary radiofrequency (RF) sensor technology to measure glucose levels using dielectric spectroscopy. This cutting-edge approach leverages machine learning algorithms to deliver real-time continuous blood glucose readings. With a substantial portfolio of patents, Know Labs has established itself as a leader in non-invasive blood glucose monitoring technology.

Throughout 2024, Know Labs will conduct large-scale external clinical trials with the KnowU while refining the device and its algorithms, aiming to further advance diabetes management and improve patient outcomes.

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