Klinikum Frankfurt (Oder) Becomes First German Hospital to Use Innovative ‘Navel’ Robot

The Frankfurt (Oder) Clinic has become the first hospital in Germany to introduce the innovative “Navel” robot from Navel Robotics in its geriatric ward. Navel, equipped with artificial intelligence (AI), can recognize movements, voices, and emotions, responding in a human-like manner. Under the scientific supervision of Nursing Director Dr. Jenny Wortha and her team, the impact of Navel on patients will be evaluated and documented.

Navel is designed with multiple microphones, cameras, and human-like 3D eyes, providing it with lifelike facial expressions, natural eye contact, and realistic gestures. It listens patiently, answers questions, understands emotions, and responds accordingly.

In addition to basic emotions, Navel can display a variety of facial expressions and seamlessly transition between them. Weighing 8 kilograms and standing just under 70 centimeters tall, Navel wears a hat that adds to its charm.

Strengths and Functions of Navel

Navel is not only a patient listener and an active conversationalist but also a humorous joke teller. It engages in lively conversations with patients, answers their questions, and even remembers their names. Thanks to its advanced AI and revolutionary sensor technology, Navel continuously adapts to various needs and situations.

“We are very excited to see how our patients will react to Navel and communicate with it,” say the chief physicians of geriatrics, Dr. med. Anja Berndt and Dr. med. Mariusz Maciejewski.

Security and Data Protection

The sensor data collected by Navel is processed both on the robot and in the cloud. Navel Robotics has implemented extensive measures to protect this personal and sensitive data, ensuring compliance with GDPR data protection standards and restricting access.

Navel’s use is intended to enhance patient interaction and communication, improve well-being, and elicit positive emotions. It supports various activities and can also engage in professional discussions.

“We see Navel as a complementary offering and are very pleased that we can utilize its functions. We will continue to develop them further in collaboration with the Navel Robotics development team,” explains Nursing Director Dr. Jenny Wortha.

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