Juno Pharmaceuticals Partners With Rosemont Pharmaceuticals as Exclusive Canadian Distributor to Offer Previously Inaccessible Medicines

Juno Pharmaceuticals Canada (“Juno”), a Canadian specialty pharmaceutical company, announced its partnership with U.K. based developer, manufacturer and global supplier of novel, Rx, oral liquid medicines, Rosemont Pharmaceuticals (“Rosemont”), as its exclusive Canadian distributor. Through this partnership, several of Rosemont’s oral liquid solutions will be filed with Health Canada in the coming months.

“As we continue to expand distribution, commercialization and manufacturing partnerships on a global scale, we are proud to be collaborating with Juno to supply these essential products to Canadian patients”

Oral liquid medicines can provide an easier to swallow, more appropriate formulation for patients with dysphagia (swallowing difficulties) or when requiring titration, which is a key concern in children, stroke patients, patients with dementia, patients with head and neck cancer, and people with intellectual disabilities.

“Many Canadians are unable to take solid dose tablets as prescribed, and alternative formulations are not readily available in the Canadian market,” says Mark Mantel, President and CEO of Juno. “This partnership will be instrumental to ensuring Canadian patients have access to the oral solutions that meet their unique needs, without sacrificing on medicinal quality.”

Rosemont brings over 50 years of experience in novel, Rx, oral liquid medicine and one of the broadest product portfolios in the world, with over 130 oral liquid medicines addressing a variety of therapeutic areas such as cardiac health, endocrinology, and pain management.

“As we continue to expand distribution, commercialization and manufacturing partnerships on a global scale, we are proud to be collaborating with Juno to supply these essential products to Canadian patients,” says Eric Vick, Chief Commercial Officer of Rosemont. “Together, we will continue creating innovative solutions that meet the needs of dysphagic patients and establish best practice for their care.”

About Juno Pharmaceuticals Canada
Juno Pharmaceuticals Canada specializes in bringing complex and high value generic and biosimilar products to the Canadian market. The Juno management team possesses decades of pharmaceutical industry experience along with an extensive track record of driving strategic growth through the identification of niche products and disciplined construction of robust product pipelines. An early member of the global Juno Pharmaceuticals group, Juno’s global operations span four continents and consist of over 14 diverse pharmaceutical and medical device businesses spread across Canada, the United Kingdom, the European Union, Australia and South Africa.

About Rosemont Pharmaceuticals
Rosemont Pharmaceuticals has over 50 years of experience delivering novel, Rx, oral liquid medicine solutions for patients with swallowing difficulties, across a range of therapeutic areas. As a trusted name in liquid medicine, Rosemont supplies to over 27 international markets, spanning North America, Europe, South America, the Middle East, Africa, Asia, and Oceania. At their state-of-the-art production facility in Leeds, they manufacture in excess of 1 million litres of bulk liquid, equating to 4 million bottles of liquid medicines per year. The quality of their supply chain partners, suppliers, relationships, and processes, and having manufacturing in house, enable them to achieve market leading levels of service to their customers of 99% on time, in full. With a portfolio of over 130 oral liquid medicines, Rosemont has one of the largest ranges of licensed, novel Rx oral liquid medicines in the world, extending across a wide range of therapy areas, meeting the needs of some of the most vulnerable patients in society.

Source: https://www.businesswire.com/

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