Integral Launches Privacy Workbench to Revolutionize Data Quality and Certification

Integral, an innovator in safeguarding privacy and maximizing data quality, today announced the launch of its privacy analytics suite, Privacy Workbench. The privacy analytics suite adds to defense-in-depth security strategies while allowing fast and carefully controlled review processes for companies de-identifying highly sensitive information.

Combining personal healthcare data like medical records, health histories, and genetic information with non-healthcare data such as social media activity, demographics, purchasing history, social determinants of health, and geographic data provides researchers with a comprehensive view of an individual’s health and lifestyle. While this combined dataset advances healthcare research and outcomes, it also poses a significant regulatory compliance and privacy risk by exposing people’s sensitive information. Integral’s Privacy Workbench streamlines dataset creation by automating de-identification and compliance determination reports, ensuring the protection of sensitive private information.

“Anytime you’re putting two data sets together, such as healthcare data and consumer data, you’re creating new data that hasn’t existed. This is great. However, it introduces requirements to meet all privacy and regulatory requirements to avoid penalties and to safeguard sensitive data. In a human-led compliance process, it is common for usable data to be excluded during the combining process, negatively impacting the value of your data investment,” said Timothy Nobles, Integral’s general manager. “Integral’s Privacy Workbench preserves more usable data and simplifies the ultra-complex and time-consuming process of preparing sensitive data to merge with other data sets. The workbench’s cloud-based platform provides visibility into risk tolerance variables and introduces statistically acceptable ranges for understanding what makes the data compliant and ready for certification in near-real time.”

Integral’s Privacy Workbench simplifies the layers of workflow management, data documentation, data privacy and analytics assessments, merging datasets, and safely storing the original data after the process is complete. The final step includes an expert determination report with the newly combined and remediated data.

With Integral’s Privacy Workbench, healthcare companies can access and analyze data as quickly as retail marketers while protecting personal information and respecting people’s privacy rights. Researchers can unlock more value from data and enhance patient care through stronger clinical trials, products, medication and health technologies.

The launch of Privacy Workbench comes on the heels of a $6.9 million seed round to broaden and scale Integral’s go-to-business capabilities in key markets and further develop proprietary platform capabilities. 

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